V Rising: Can You Turn Off PvP? (Answered)

Is it possible to turn off PvP in V Rising?

V Rising is an in-depth game on its own where you have to hunt for resources, fight bosses, explore, craft items, build and more. But there’s also a PvP element in V Rising which allows you to raid other players’ castles, or they can raid your base too. When they raid you, they can collect your valuable items, destroy your structures, kill your servants and more. If you don’t want to take this damage, you might wonder – can you turn off PvP in V Rising?

Can you Turn Off PvP in V Rising?

When you launch V Rising for the first time and hit Play, you will be shown multiple options.

  • Online play – Join an online realm and begin your rise.
  • Private Game – Host your own world where you may invite some kin.
  • Host Dedicated Server – Rent a dedicated server or set up your own.

Click on Online Play, and you will see PvE and PvP options alongside Full Loot PvP and Duo PvP. This is where you need to make your decision regarding the game mode you wish to play.

can you disable pvp in v rising

  • If you choose PvE, you cannot attack other players on the server and they cannot raid you. Plus, they cannot loot your valuable resources that you have painstakingly obtained.
  • If you choose PvP, then you must be prepared to get raided at certain times of the day, get your rare items taken away and structures destroyed. You can also get your revenge by raiding other bases. Some PvP servers end up being pretty ruthless and new/inexperienced players might not enjoy the game there.

So, if you wish to play the game with your clan without worrying about getting raided, note that there’s no option to turn off PvP. You simply need to select the right server (PvE) if you don’t want to get attacked by other players. PvE is Player vs Environment where the only dangers your character will face will be the ones created by the game. They can be enemy creatures, monsters, bosses etc. There will be no vampire to vampire combat here.

After you select the game mode, you can begin customizing your character and beginning your journey to become the best vampire that ever existed. Here are our other guides with hidden tips and tricks that the game doesn’t tell you about.