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Can You Turn Off Hints By Atreus, Mimir & Others In God Of War Ragnarok?

Don't want the puzzle hints by your companions? Try this workaround.

The puzzles in God Of War Ragnarok are tricky and can take longer to complete sometimes, compared to the puzzles in the 2018 game. While we have Atreus by our side, he can be quite annoying because he keeps giving you hints even before you have a chance to think about what to do next. Plus, Mimir, Brok and one more character does the same. This leads us to the question – is there an option to turn off the puzzle hints in God Of War Ragnarok? Here’s the answer and a workaround.


How to Turn off Puzzle Hints by Atreus, Brok, & Mimir in God Of War Ragnarok?

Unfortunately, you can’t disable puzzle hints spoken by other characters. We looked up the in-game settings and there is no option to turn off puzzle hints. The only thing you can do as of now would be to lower the volume and turn off the subtitles during a puzzle, which would allow you to take your time and solve them as you like. There’s a chance that the developers may add an option to reduce the hints by companions or make them more spaced out in a future patch. If that happens, we will update this section. But until then, this is one workaround you can try.

How to Reduce Dialogue Volume & Turn off Subtitles

dialogue volume audio subtitles ragnarok

  • Pause the game by pressing the Options button on the controller.
  • Head to Settings.
  • Open up Audio and Subtitles.
  • From here, scroll to Dialogue volume and lower it or turn it off for a particular puzzle.
  • Next, scroll to Subtitles and turn them off.

Now you can go back to the game and solve the various puzzles without any hints from Brok, Mimir, or Atreus. Of course, don’t forget to increase the dialogue volume once you have solved it.


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