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How To Get To Tsurumi Island In Genshin Impact: A Particularly Particular Author Completion

Want to reach the last Island of Inazuma City, Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact. Read the guide to know more.

With the update of 2.0, we were given the new Inazuma City in Genshin Impact and with the update 2.2, we were given the Island of Tsurumi. To complete a certain quest, we must out for an adventure in Fog-covered Tsurumi Island. For that, I have explained in this guide how to get to Tsurumi Island.

How to Travel to Tsurumi Island Genshin Impact

tsurumi island in genshin impact

Tsurumi Island is shrouded by a dense Fog at first. This Fog is removed when we complete the Quest, A Particularly Particular Author. Completing this Quest will also let you travel to Tsurumi Island.

  • To commence the quest, you will have to talk to Katheryne at the Bnazuma Adventurer’s Guild.
  • After that you will have to talk to Sumida, she will be in the southeast part of the Northern half of Inazuma City.
  • Once you are done talking to Sumida, you will have to go to the Docks of Ritou and talk to the Kama.
  • As you finish your talk with the Kama, he will teleport you to Tsurumi Island. And that’s how you get to Tsurumi Island.
  • Once you are there, I would advise you to unlock a Teleport Waypoint that is nearby. This will allow you to teleport back to Tsurumi Island whenever you feel like it.

How to complete the “A Particularly Particular Author” Quest on Tsurumi Island

After following the prior steps, you should have reached Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact. From here, there will be a Shrine. On Activating it will unlock the map of Tsurumi. There will be a quest marker, you will have to go there. Once you reach near the quest marker, a cut-scene will be shown to you. After that, you will have to talk to a young boy, Ruu. Whenever you are near a Teleport Waypoint, make sure you unlock them for ease of travel in the future.

Next, you will have to walk down a path and talk to Ruu and his siblings. After that, you will have to go to a tree nearby and interact with it. This is part of making an offering to the Great Thunderbird’s Perch. This will make 3 Feathers leave the Great Thunderbird’s Perch, you will have to go and get them. They will be scattered randomly. If you cannot find them then use your Elemental Sight to find them. After you have collected them, go back to the tree and the Feathers will return to the Tree. After which, you will have to talk to Ruu again.

The Moshiri Ceremonial Site on Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact

Now you will get a Quest Marker at the Moshiri Ceremonial Site. Go there and talk to the Priest Mata. He will give you a Quest which is basically what you did earlier to a Perch but three more times. The other 3 Great Thunderbird’s Perches are at the heart of the 3 Fog Sites on Tsurumi Island. There will be Tsurumi Islands Stormpoints scattered nearby, use them to navigate through the Thick Fog. You can activate them by using an Electro Character. This will prevent you from getting set back to the start.

Each time you find a Perch, you will have to talk to Ruu who will be in the area. There will be levels with water puzzles where you will need to lower the water level. For this, you will need to get 3 Sealys onto a podium. There will also be puzzles regarding relay connections found in little dungeons. They will appear as you follow some of the Feathers that run away from you. You will enter a room where pink crystals are present. These are the Relay Stones you need to use to complete the connection. To link the connections, you will need to take the Relay Stones and place them in between two crystals such that a pink line connects both of them through the Relay Stones.

Completing the Quest in Genshin Impact

Certain areas will only be unlocked once you have completed their puzzles. On completion, the switch to the door will get highlighted and you will be able to open up the door. Once you finish with the other 3 Perches, you will have to teleport back to the Moshiri Ceremonial Site to end the Quest. As you enter the Site, there will be a cutscene and after that, you will have to pick up the light orb. Another cutscene will occur and once that is done you will have to teleport back to the Kama. Talk to him and go back to Inazuma City where you will have to talk to Sumida again. Once you talk to her, the quest will be over.

This was all about reaching the location of Tsurumi Island. Hopefully, this guide has helped you reach the last Island of Inazuma City. You can also check out our guides on Getting to Inazuma City and Best Raiden Shogun Builds in Genshin Impact.