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True Piece Devil Fruit Tier List (November 2022) Roblox

Here's our True Piece Fruits Tier List to get the best Devil Fruits in this Roblox game.

True Piece is based on the famous One Piece anime we all love. So just like the anime, this Roblox experience revolves around Devil fruits you can collect for special powers. That’s just putting the plot in a very simple one-liner, and the anime is much more than just devil fruits. But in this Roblox experience, collecting these fruits kind of determines how good you are in PvP, apart from your ability to plan your attacks. So if you trying to find the best abilities to get in the game, here’s our True Piece Devil Fruits Tier List.


True Piece Fruit Tier List (November 2022)

True Piece Devil Fruits Tier List

This True Piece Devil Fruits Tier List is courtesy of Taklaman‘s YouTube video. He has spent a lot of time searching and collecting all the fruits and curating this list. We are attaching his original video also in this article. So please check out the video to know about the fruits and his opinions on them in detail. With that said, here are all the best fruits in True Piece Tier List:

Tiers Devil Fruits
S+ Tier Phoenix Fruit
S Tier Mochi Fruit
S Tier Rubber Fruit
A Tier Dark Fruit
A Tier Ice Fruit
A Tier Lightning Fruit
A Tier Magma Fruit
A Tier Snow Fruit
A Tier Tremor Fruit
B Tier Fire Fruit
B Tier Gravity Fruit
B Tier Light Fruit
B Tier Spino Fruit
B Tier String Fruit
C Tier Barrier Fruit
C Tier Operation Fruit
C Tier Sand Fruit
C Tier Smoke Fruit
D Tier Bomb Fruit
D Tier Chop Fruit

Here’s the original video this Tier List is based on :


That’s everything you need to know about True Piece Devil Fruits Tier List. If you want to know the best characters, and items in all the popular games (including Roblox ones), make sure to check out our Tier Lists. Also make sure to check out how to change races in True Piece.