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Tribes Of Midgard: How To Defeat Fenrir Saga Mode Boss

Find out how to beat the Fenrir Saga Boss in Tribes Of Midgard.

The Fenrir is a Saga Boss that you will come across towards the end of Tribes Of Midgard. However, you will have to complete quite a lot of stuff before you get to this stage. You will need to collect a few resources along the way to the Fenrir’s Lair.

How to beat Tribes of Midgard Fenrir Saga Mode Boss?

New World: How To Beat Fenrir Saga Boss

To beat the Fenrir you will have to continuously keep slashing at it. However, you will also need to keep your eyes open for counterattacks. Fenrir will always attack first so make sure to keep an out for his attacks. Also, use health items whenever possible.

In Fenrir’s lair, there are also boulders that fall from the ceiling. You will also have to watch out for these boulders and avoid them.

Make sure you have the best weapons equipped. Since Fenrir is the final Saga Boss in Tribes of Midgard you will have the necessary weapons and items to help out for this boss fight. Make sure to carry health potions and items so that you can rejuvenate whenever you get the time.

The best way to complete this boss fight is to make sure you’re in single-player mode. This will ensure that the HP for Fenrir is lower.

You can have a look at this YouTube video by Triple G to find out how to beat the Fenrir.

How to get to Fenrir’s Lair?

To get to Fenrir’s Lair you will need to complete quests, events, beat jotunns, and hideout fragments along the way. You will also need to get resources such as cut stone, wrought iron, 2k souls, and wood boards that are needed to repair the bridge required to get to the Saga Boss’ Lair.

This is everything you need to know about how to beat the Fenrir Saga Boss in Tribes of Midgard. While you are here you can have a look at How To Craft With Runes.