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Genshin Impact Sumeru Tree Of Dreams: How To Unlock

Looking for tons of rewards? Check out our guide on how to unlock the Sumeru Tree of Dreams in Genshin Impact.

With the release of the v3.0 Sumeru update, Genshin Impact features a wide range of new locations. One of these locations includes the Tree of Dreams in Sumeru which can offer plenty of rewards. But the Tree of Dreams is located in the Vanarana region in Sumeru. As you open a map to navigate the location, you will find a dark section indicating that the region is locked. But there are some prerequisites you need to complete to unlock this region. Not to worry, here’s our guide on how to unlock the Sumeru Tree of Dreams in Genshin Impact.

How to Unlock Sumeru Tree of Dreams in Genshin Impact

You need to complete some quests from the four-parter questline to unlock the Sumeru Tree of Dreams in the Vanarana region. These two questlines are Aranyaka Part I: Woodland Encounter and Aranyaka Part II: Dream Nursery.

Follow the mentioned below steps to unlock the Tree of Dreams:

  • As you start with the Aranyaka part I questline, complete the Children of Vimara village quest which is the second world quest.
  • This quest involves following Rana to clear out some Withering Zones.
  • Head out to Vimara village to save children and talk to them.
  • After you have completed this quest, you need to complete Into the Woods and the Lost Child quests.
  • Now, as you get on with the Aranyaka Part II: Dream Nursery questline, complete the World of Arananara quest.

tree of dreams in genshin impact

  • Aside from unlocking the Tree of Dreams, you will get tons of rewards for completing these quests.
  • Upon completing the prerequisites, you will see the Tree and Dreams quest under the World Quests in Quest Menu.
  • You can use the quest navigator to head out to this location.
  • Trees of the Dreams is located to the northeast of the Vanarana region in Sumeru.
  • You can also find its icon on the map. As you head there, you will find a cave.
  • Enter the cave to find the Tree of Dreams in the Vanarana region.
  • Interact with the Trees of the Dreams to offer the Dendro Sigils.
  • You can offer the Dendro sigils that you find in your journey to the tree to receive rewards.
  • You can offer 35 Sigils to increase its level and obtain several rewards from the tree.
  • The more Dendro Sigils you offer, the more quicker its level will also increase. And with an increased level, you can earn more rewards from the Tree of Dreams.

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