How to transfer Destiny 2 account to Steam?

If you want to move your Destiny 2 account to Steam then there is a process of doing that. Follow the steps in this guide to safely move the account.

Do you want to move your Destiny 2 account from to Steam? Is there any data loss in moving the account? This article will answer all your questions, how to move your Destiny 2 account Steam? what gets transferred on Steam? etc. The process of doing this is easy, but it is necessary to follow all steps properly. Refer to the guides section below to transfer your Destiny 2 account to Steam.

How to Transfer Destiny 2 account to Steam from

Players are allowed to move their Destiny 2 accounts from to Steam. The process has started long back, a few users have reported issues while moving their account. There can be data loss or some missing elements in the games. But there is nothing much to worry a lot of issues are resolved by the game developer itself. If you are looking for the latest steps to move the Destiny 2 account to Steam from then follow the steps below.

  1. Go to and click on the right top to on PC Move Page.
  2. Proceed to the next step and enter your Email Address.
  3. Check all the details about the existing account. You can review info about your game character “Guardian” and other game content.
  4. After checking all scroll down and click Accept
  5. Next click on the link Steam and you will be redirected to the Steam sign-in page.
  6. Sign-in to your Steam account and wait for the process to complete.

That’s it if everything goes well you had moved your Destiny 2 account to steam. If you are not having a steam account create one first and then follow the above process. Do not forget to turn on Two-Step verification to keep your account secure.

You will have to download and install the game from Steam Library. Verify all the content and you can proceed with playing the game. In case you face any issue or error linked with moving your Destiny 2 account from make sure your account is active.

Destiny 2 Content you will get after moving to Steam:

Moving the Destiny 2 account will move almost all content of your game to the Steam. There is no restriction in this, you can get all your Weapons and Armors safely moved to the new account. You will also get all your in-game cosmetics, triumphs, etc. Silver and bright dust will also be added to your account along with all expansions, annual pass and dlc’s.

It is like migrating all content of your Destiny 2 to a new Steam account which is required to unlock future expansions like Shadowkeep. Steam brings in more features, you can create your own friend’s group in it. You can enjoy an in-game chat and invite them to play with you.

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