How to Turn Off Steam Notifications in 2021 Tutorial

Disable all Notificaiton for Steam

We get it when the Steam Notifications pop-up every time a friend joins the game. To stop or disable this notification we will show you a small tutorial with step by step guide on how to turn off/on Steam Notifications. I now feel free to play without any disturbance of what my friends on steam are doing or which game they are playing currently. So join the peace with me and simply follow the below steps.

How to Disable Steam Notifications

  • Open Steam
  • Click on Settings and Select the Friends Tab
  • Look for the Notifications & Sound Setting
  • Manage the Setting as per your Requirement
  • Check/Uncheck the Notifications You Want in Steam
  • Save and Continue with you Game.

You can change the steam notification setting any time you need and it’s very easy. All you need to do is check/uncheck the notification/sounds you need. Similarly, you can do this for Group Notifications. You will have two Two options for Friends and Group Events/ Announcements – Display a Notification and Play a Sound. If you uncheck both then you will turn off the notification completely.

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