What Is The Remnant 2 Trait Point Cap?

Make sure you use your Trait Points mindfully, as you only get a limited amount of those in Remnant 2.

Not every player is fond of the Trait Point cap introduced in the new Remnant 2. It may increase the difficulty of the game, but the previous title players are pretty annoyed by it. That’s because the maximum limit of the Trait points forces you to invest only in a few traits. If you’re a new player and not aware of the Traits system of this game, then we’ll walk you through the rules. Below you’ll find everything about how many Traits points you get as you progress through the Remnant 2.

What is the Cap of Trait Point in Remnant 2?

What is the Cap of the Traits Points in Remnant 2 max amount
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The cap of the Trait points in Remnant 2 is 85. Among these 60 are investable and the rest of the 25 are for the Core & Archetype Traits. In order words, players automatically get 5 Traits points invested in 5 different Core Traits (Each Core Trait one Point). Whereas, 20 points are given for the Archetype Traits, as you level up in the game. And that leaves you with only 60 trait points that you can invest at your will. You can easily identify the point that doesn’t count against the 60 points by their Orange dot on the Trait card. And if there’s a White dot, then it means the points you’re investing are getting deducted from your total investable trait points.

Now you know the max amount of points you can get in Remnant 2. Players must know, that once they invest the points in a Trait, they can’t reinvest them. But thankfully you can always respec at any time you want, giving you a full refund of all the Trait Points. To reset Trait points in Remnant 2, you’ll need Orb of Undoing. Players can buy this item by paying a price of 2,500 Scrap & 3x Lumenite Crystals to Wallace in Ward 13. Once you have this consumable orb, simply use it and you’ll be good to go.

That sums up all about the Cap number of the Trait Point you can get in Remnant 2 easily. If you’re dicey about the traits you should invest in, then check out the Best Traits to level up for all Archetypes. Also, take a look at the best Melee weapons you can use in Remnant 2.