Best Traits In Remnant 2 To Level Up For All Archetypes

Wondering which traits you should focus on while leveling up? Here are the best traits in Remnant 2.

Unlike the first game, your character and classes work a bit differently in Remnant 2, so knowing the best traits is not only just helpful but can also be crucial at times. In Remnant: From the Ashes, you had to level up your traits by spending trait points. But in this game, you automatically level them up as you level up your Archetype.

Now, you might wonder if they are being taken care of on their own then why would you want to know which are the best? That’s because Trait points are still here and you cannot max out all your traits and will be respecing them as per your class. So here are the best Core, Archetype & regular Traits for all classes in Remnant 2.

Best Traits to Rank Up in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Best core archetype and regular Traits for all classes

The best traits of each type are:

  • Core Traits
    • Endurance
    • Expertise
    • Spirit
    • Vigor
  • Archetype Traits
    • Potency
    • Kinship
  • Regular Traits
    • Recovery
    • Scholar
    • Glutton

Since each class works differently, some of the traits not mentioned here can be more useful for some and completely useless for others. For example, for a Gunslinger having Ammo Reserves trait is a must because it increases your ammo reserves by 50%. But if you are playing Challenger and using melee weapons, then having extra ammo reserves won’t be of any use. Similarly, Triage may be very useful to a Medic but not so much to an Engineer.

So the ones selected below, are the few traits that almost every Archetype can benefit from.

Best Core Traits

  • Endurance: At level 10, this will increase your maximum stamina by 30%. This trait helps you with arguably one of the most important stats in the game. Because if you run out of Stamina mid-fight that would spell death.
  • Expertise: Expertise reduces the cooldown of your skills by -20% at level 10. So the faster your skills become available to you, the quickly you can use it on your enemies and continue progressing the game.
  • Spirit: Reaching its max level, Spirit increases your mod power generation by 20%. For example, if you are using the weapon Enigma, when you use the skill Chaos Driver, your rods will deal 24 shock damage per second instead of 20.
  • Vigor: Finally, increasing your Vigor to level 10 enhances your max health by 30%. Unless you are playing with some glass canon build, most players will find having extra health useful.

Best Archetype Traits

  • Potency: It increases the consumable duration by 100% at the max level (10). This is an Alchemist trait. So with this skill if you were to consume an Antidote, not only would it remove the Corroded effect. But would give you Acid resistance by 15% for 20 minutes instead of 10.
  • Kinship: An absolute must-have skill for party members that are new to the game or if you aren’t gonna play this game solo. During multiplayer there is a good chance you or your teammates hit each other. When you level it up to level 10, it reduces friendly fire, both received and dealt by 80%. So this skill is an absolute win for all. It is a unique Trait of Handler. Though everyone in the party won’t need this skill, so if you have a Medic in your team, they can get Triage instead.

Best Regular Traits

  • Recovery: We already know that Stamina is very important in this game. Recovery lets you increase your Stamina by 30 seconds at level 10. So you can get back on your feet faster in battles.
  • Scholar: In case you aren’t sure what Archetype will be your main, or which traits you wish to put your points on. Then the Scholar trait is here to help you out. At level 10, it increases the Experience you get by 15%. While it may not sound much, in the long run, it can help you reach level 10 on your Archetypes fast.
  • Glutton: Most players have a high chance to use consumables in battle. And that is the last place where you want to take your sweet time with such things. But with the Glutton Trait, it increases your usage speed of consumables & relics by 30% at level 10.

Depending on your Archetype, experiment around with the above Traits on which and which you shouldn’t level up.

How to Get Traits & how Points work in Remnant 2

You get traits by beating bosses and completing various quests & other side activities while playing. As for Trait points, they are used when you want to equip a trait that is not of your Archetype. So for example if you are a Medic you can still use Kinship but will have to spend Trait points for it. Also, you will first need to reach level 10 as Handler for you to be able to use Kinship as a Medic.

That’s everything you should know about the best traits for all Archetypes in Remnant 2 and how these points work. For more help on this game head over to our Remnant 2 section. Here you can find all sorts of guides like how to use Multi-class, unlock Engineer, and more.