Tower Of God Reroll Guide (New World)

This is how you reroll in Tower of God New World and get SSR and SSR+ characters.

Looking for a Tower of God New World reroll guide? This Netmarble game like some other RPGs of the developer is inspired by famous webtoon and anime series. The original webtoon has over 6 billion views, so even supporting characters like Bam, Khun, and Rak can be found in this game. You will also find characters like Evan, Endorsi, Hatz, and Shibisu here. Now, with so many interesting and powerful heroes, settling for characters like Ghost, Amigocharz, and Hansung Yu seems unreasonable. So read along to get characters like Anaak and Rachel.

Tower of God New World Reroll Guide

Tower Of God New World Reroll Guide

  • Start the game and tap on your Profile icon from the upper left corner.
  • Expand the Info tab and press Delete Account. It will erase all the progress you made, but you have to do this, as summoning without a Summon ticket is expensive.
  • Restart the game and sign in with your Guest account. For those who haven’t started the game, make sure that you log in from a guest account too.
  • Introduction story can be skipped, so use the Skip button from the upper right side.
  • Next, the game will teach you how to battle, skip that too if are not playing Tower of God for the first time and doing reroll.
  • Press “Follow the Voice“. And let the nickname be anything, as you might need to repeat the process several times, and it can be changed later.
  • Create a team and battle for some time. Collect daily rewards, and claim everything you received in the mail. By doing that, you will easily collect about 10 summon tickets.
  • Tap Summon from the main screen. In the Summon window, you will see five plus signs, tap on the first one.
  • Select all the best characters you wish to summon with Tower of God reroll. Now, this does not ensure the summon but increases the chance.
  • Once you have placed the desired characters, press the golden Summon button from the bottom.
  • Repeat the process, if you didn’t get the hero you were looking for. But if you did, then go to your profile and link Google or other accounts to save the progress.
  • The process might seem long, but if you skip the battle and introduction, it hardly takes even ten minutes.

This is all you require to reroll in the Tower of God New World. Netmarble games have never disappointed players with their graphics, music, storyline, and controls, so if you are looking for more games from this developer, check out how to unlock all heroes in Marvel Future Revolution and Ni no Kuni reroll guide.