Marvel Future Revolution: How To Unlock All Heroes?

If you're new to Marvel Future Revolution and wish to unlock all heroes in-game, follow this guide to the end!

The heroes available in Marvel’s very first open-world action RPG- Future Revolution unlock a new dimension of what the franchise brings to the world of superhero gaming. The game, which launched on the 25th of August as free-to-play has already got gamers hooked on both ios and android devices. So how exactly does one unlock the Marvel multiverse’s heroes in Future Revolution? Follow this guide to the end to find out!

How to Unlock Heroes in Marvel Future Revolution?


This installment of Marvel involves some of your favorite heroes from the said universe. Follow these steps below to know how you can get all the heroes on offer in-game!

  1. To put it simply, you don’t have to unlock heroes in-game since they’re all playable from the start.
  2. The game starts off with each character appearing in the intro at a different interval, each of whom will have a brief enemy encounter that you can play.
  3. You can add more heroes to your slots as the game allows.
  4. When you launch Marvel Future Revolution, on the top right corner locate the book icon and select it.
  5. In the menu which opens, you’ll get the option to select the heroes you wish to.
  6. You can do this by clicking the select hero option located at the bottom.
  7. This will open up a menu that has an add hero option attached to every hero to add them to your roster.
  8. You’ll initially have just 4 spots to allocate your heroes to.
  9. Eventually, after you’ve played and earned enough crystals, you’ll be able to purchase a hero expansion ticket.
  10. This will unlock a slot and allow you to allocate one more hero.
  11. You can unlock 8 slots– 4 available and 4 after purchasing the hero expansion ticket 4 times (1600 crystals).

All Playable Heroes In Marvel Future Revolution

There are currently 8 playable heroes in-game. It’s still to be seen if we will get more heroes to play in-game in later updates, but these are all there are as of now. They’re listed as follows:

  • Amazing Spiderman
  • The Invincible Iron Man
  • Legendary Captain America
  • Mystical Doctor Strange
  • Lethal Black Widow
  • Mighty Captain Marvel
  • Astonishing Storm
  • Rebellious Star-Lord

We hope this guide was of help to you. If you’re new to Marvel Future Alliance, don’t forget to claim free rewards using these coupon codes!