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Today’s Byrdle Answer (September 2022) – Daily Puzzle Solution

Here is the answer to today's Byrdle puzzle. Also, learn the answers to past solutions.

If you are into music and want to play something like Wordle then Byrdle is the game you should play. The game is very similar to Wordle in terms of gameplay. But instead of guessing regular words, you guess words related to choral music. This game has been around since October 2021, and many times there is a puzzle that is a bit harder than most. And in such a situation you will feel the urge to look up its answer. So in this guide let us check the answer to today’s Byrdle daily puzzle and look at the past answers for September 2022.

Byrdle Daily Answers for Today’s Puzzle (September 2022)

todays byrdle answer

The answer to Today’s Byrdle Puzzle for September 24, 2022, is WALKER.

Don’t feel bad if you needed a little help with today’s answer. The puzzles change daily so you can always try the other day. You can try the game on their official website.

In case, you missed out on playing a day or two, then here are the answers to the previous Byrdle puzzles.

September 2022

  • 23th September: SEMELE
  • 22th September: DAVIES
  • 21th September: CROTCH
  • 20th September: OCTAVO
  • 19th September: SAMSON
  • 18th September: STUDIO
  • 17th September: ALLAIN
  • 16th September: WILBYE
  • 15th September: VENITE
  • 14th September: DERING
  • 13th September: NOWELL
  • 12th September: CLARKE
  • 11th September: BURGON
  • 10th September: FARMER
  • 9th September: BISHOP
  • 8th September: ORIANA
  • 7th September: MASSES
  • 6th September: SIMPLE
  • 5th September: GREENE
  • 4th September: TUPLET
  • 3rd September: POSTON
  • 2nd September: TIERCE
  • 1st September: ARIOSO

How to Play Byrdle

how to play byrdle

While playing Byrdle the goal is to get the right answer in 7 tries. Here is what you need to know about the game:

  • The word which is the answer to a Byrdle puzzle is always related to choral music.
  • The answer can be a proper noun, plural, or a musical term in another language. Make sure the word you enter is a valid 6-letter word.
  • When you enter a word the puzzle will verify the word to check if it is the right answer and changes letter tiles accordingly. The meaning of each tile is as follows:
    • Green color: The letter is correct and in the correct position.
    • Yellow color: The letter is in the word but in the wrong position.
    • Gray color: The letter is not in the word.

That covers this guide on today’s answer for the daily Byrdle puzzle, past solutions, and how to play it. If you enjoy guessing similar word games then be sure to check our guides on Wordscapes daily puzzle and Jumble answers. Since you enjoy playing such word games also try Heardle, Dordle, and Poeltl.