Valorant Agents Tier List – Episode 7 Act 1 (July 2023)

Hardstuck in a rank and want to get out? Our Valorant Tier List for all Agents should help you out.

Valorant has 22 agents as of Episode 7 Act 1. No matter if you want to play as a Duelist or as a Sentinel there are plenty of options for you to choose from each type. And so we decided to make a best agents tier list for Valorant to help you out. We have also added Deadlock the latest game’s addition to this list. Both of these characters have impacted the meta for the better or worse. Even Harbor is being picked more recently. So no matter if you plan to rank up solo or play in a squad this list should help you pick a new main!

Valorant Tier List – All Agents Ranked

Valorant Character Tier List Best Agents

S Tier

  • Reyna (Duelist)
  • Sage (Sentinel)
  • Viper (Controller)
  • Sova (Initiator)
  • Jett (Duelist)
  • Killjoy (Sentinel)
  • Raze (Duelist)
  • Skye (Initiator)

A Tier

  • Omen (Controller)
  • Gekko (Initiator)
  • Brimstone (Controller)
  • Deadlock (Sentinel)
  • Pheonix (Duelist)

B Tier

  • Neon (Duelist)
  • Fade (Initiator)
  • Chamber (Sentinel)
  • Breach (Initiator)

C Tier

  • Cypher (Sentinel)
  • Yoru (Duelist)

D Tier

  • Kayo (Initiator)
  • Astra (Controller)
  • Harbor (Controller)

Valorant Best Agents Explained


best duelists

  • Reyna: Starting with Reyna she is the character with the highest pick rate and for a good reason. She is a self-sufficient character thanks to her self-healing or the ability to dismissing away. And her blinds are also very effective in fights.
  • Jett: Jett is another good option when it comes to playing as a duelist. She has a bit of a learning curve but her abilities like updraft paired with her gliding while coming down can make for some interesting kills. Her dash is also pretty handy to get out of some sticky situations.
  • Raze: Another strong option for a Duelist is Raze. Using her blast packs can be very useful for pushing sites. Especially when you have your Ultimate ready. And you can use her Paint Shells post-plant to kill or prevent the enemy while they diffuse the spike.


best sentinels

  • Sage: Despite her nerf for self-healers and buff for the rest of the team. Sage still remains one of the most important Agents in the game. Even aside from healing she can slow down a push and hold the enemies off with her wall and slow orbs. And using her Resurrection on the right character she can easily turn the tides of a match.
  • Killjoy: An equally effective Sentinel is Killjoy. Her swarm grenades can be used for both pre-plant to slow down the attackers and post-plant. The same is also true for her lockdown as it can be used for both pushing and retaking an area.


best controllers

  • Viper: Vipers kit can be very handy when used correctly. Her walls and smokes not only limit enemy visibility but passing through them also makes them vulnerable. And her ultimate Viper’s Pit is very strong and has been countless times used by many to win in situations like 1v4.


best initiators

  • Sova: Sova’s recon bolt and owl drone are both excellent abilities that can reveal enemy locations. When used correctly it can give you an advantage in both situations whether you are retaking or holding the site. His ultimate and shock bolts are excellent for post plants but can be used early on as well.
  • Skye: A unique healer because she not only reveals enemy locations with her Trailblazer while also possibly concussing them. Her other abilities can be used to fulfill other roles like flashing the sites while entering. Or healing her team. She is one of the most robust Agents in the game.

That’s it for the Tier List of best Agents in Valorant. Now that you know which character to pick you might also want to check our best weapons list for this game. Also check out our Valorant Crosshair codes. You can also head over to our Tier List section to get see rankings of best powers, characters, and more for other games.