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Tales Of Grimm Tier List – Best Characters!

Check out this guide for a Tier List of Best Character in Tales of Grimm.

Among the other Gacha games, Tales of Grimm is an interesting choice to play. It takes place in a fantasy world where all the fairies are shattered by some dark magic. In such circumstances, it is the duty of the Dreamer (you) to build a strong team of characters from childhood fairytales. There are tons of characters for you to unlock. However, each one of them is different from one another in terms of strength and abilities. If you are having a tough time figuring out the best character for you, then this guide got you covered. Here’s a Tier List of the Best Characters from Tales of Grimm.


Tales of Grimm Tier List

Before we move any further into the topic, please know that all the characters in this game are divided into 4 classes. Warrior, Guardian, Mage, and Support are those 4 classes. Although, here’s a Tier List for characters of each class in Tales of Grimm:

Tales Of Grimm Tier List
Image Source – FG3000 – UwU Gang (YouTube)

Warrior Class Characters Tier List

Characters Tier
Prince Charm S
Blade Gina A
Yuri Schnee A
Red Queen A
Gale Laddin A
Dark Queen A
Wukong A
Fencer Pedro A
Quickcut Pinno A
Rogue Jack B
Swift Ali B
Lil Prince B
Princess Ophelia C
Prince Adam C
Gerde C
Madman Gatton D

Guardian Class Characters Tier List

Characters Tier
Shahryar S
Dark Knight A
Quasi Mortal A
Triton A
Genie Cuya B
Federn B
Bean Sage C
Hans in Luck D
Hookhand D

Mage Class Characters Tier List

Characters Tier
Cindy S
Wonder Allish S
Bunny Bride S
Queen Lilith A
Fairy Marie A
Britney B
Raven Maal B
Carabosse B
Cindy’s Stepmother B
Wicked Hag C
Goddess Bella C
Emerald Mage C
Anne C

Support Class Characters Tier List

Characters Tier
Miss Conch S
Mad Granny S
Maid Sophie S
Larissa A
Nightmare Ella A
Nesy A
Dottie A
Thumboy B
Bremen B
Princess Peaya B
Lettucera B
Thumbelina C

That covers everything on the Best Character Tier List in Tales of Grimm. While you are here, make sure to check out another guide on Tales of Grimm Codes.