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Goddess Of Victory Nikke Tier List

Check out this guide for a Tier List of best characters in Goddess of Victory Nikke.

Goddess Of Victory Nikke is a third-person shooter game taking place in a post-apocalyptic environment. The Planet is being attacked by some extraterrestrial creatures known as Raptures. This game treats you with a challenge as your commander gets heavily wounded and now it’s your duty to protect all. The game also has a Gaccha System through which you can unlock multiple Nikke and use their abilities to gain an upper hand in the fight. However, how can one know about the best or worst Nikke to unlock? Though you recruit a Nikke by lottery method, you should still know if it is a good roll or not. Well, we got you covered without Goddess of Victory: Nikke Tier List that features the characters ranked from best to worst.


Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List (Best Nikke)

Goddess Of Victory Nikke Tier List
Image Source – DSGaming (YouTube)

Here’s a complete tier list of Nikke ranked according to their strength in the game.

Characters Class Element Tier
Liter Supporter Iron SSR
Scarlet Attacker Electric SSR
Ludmila Defender Water SSR
Harran Attacker Electric SS
Noah Defender Wind SS
Novel Defender Iron SS
Pepper Supporter Wind SS
Privaty Attacker Water SS
Volume Attacker Wind SS
Admi Supporter Wind S
Brid Attacker Water S
Dolla Supporter Wind S
Drake Attacker Fire S
Exia Supporter Electric S
Guillotine Attacker Electric S
Helm Attacker Water S
Julia Attacker Iron S
Milk Attacker Water S
Poli Defender Water S
Signal Attacker Fire S
Snow White Attacker Iron S
Sugar Attacker Iron S
Yuni Defender Fire S
Rapi Attacker Fire S
Neon Supporter Fire S
Alice Attacker Fire A
Centi Defender Iron A
Crow Defender Fire A
Emma Supporter Fire A
Frima Supporter Fire A
Maiden Attacker Electric A
Maxwell Attacker Iron A
Miranda Attacker Fire A
Noise Supporter Electric A
Rupee Attacker Iron A
Yan Supporter Fire A
Rapunzel Supporter Iron A
N102 Supporter Water A
Delta Defender Wind A
Belorta Attacker Electric A
Anis Defender Iron A
Laplace Attacker Iron A
Aria Attacker Water B
Folkwang Defender Water B
Mary Supporter Water B
Yulha Attacker Fire B
Mica Supporter Wind B
Epinel Attacker Wind B
Diesel Defender Wind B
Ether Defender Electric B
Eunhwa Attacker Fire C
Isabel Attacker Electric C
Soline Attacker Iron C
Vesti Attacker Water C
Mihara Defender Water C

The above tier list shows the best characters according to their Class & Elements in Goddess of Victory Nikke. If you are unable to get any of your favorites, you can reroll through our other guide.

That was our tier list for the best characters in Goddess of Victory Nikke. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other gaming guides on Gamer Tweak.