How To Get Thunderwing Butterflies In Tears Of The Kingdom

Thunderwing Butterflies are one of the unique Critters that players will come across in their campaign in Tears Of The Kingdom. These Critters are used to make the Electro Elixir in the game. The elixir grants shock resistance to Link for a short amount of time. This is helpful if you ever come across an electric-type enemy in the game or while crossing thunderstorms where there is a chance of Link getting hit by lightning. Although players can find it hard to come across these critters as they are difficult to come by, so here is our guide on how you can get Thunderwing Butterflies in Tears Of The Kingdom.

How to get Thunderwing Butterflies in Tears Of The Kingdom

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Thunderwing Butterflies prefer regions of Hyrule with dense rainfall and thunder as they have electric resistance. Players can spot these critters in places like Faron Grasslands and Thunderhead Isles in the game. As they only come out during the rain, you will have to wait for suitable weather. This makes Thunderhead Isles a perfect habitat because of the continuous rain in the region. Once you unlock the region and have your hands on the charged armor, you can have easy access to it and find plenty of butterflies and farm them for your use according to their use. Though it can be quite a task for players to get their hands on them. They are quick and aware of their surroundings. You will have to sneak up and grab them as quickly as you can.

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Thunderwing Butterflies can also be bought from the merchant named Beedle. You can find him at stables across Hyrule but he will sell you the butterflies at Riverside Stable, Tabantha Bridge Stable, and the Lakeside Stable. He sells 3 of them at the cost of 10 rupees which can be an easy buy for the players. Once you get them you can mix them with monster parts and create the Electro Elixir for the resistance.

That is everything on how you can get Thunderwing Butterflies in Tears Of The Kingdom. Check out our guide on how you can get sticky frogs in the game, right here on Gamer Tweak.

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