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How To Get Sticky Frogs In Zelda TOTK

Looking for these sticky creatures in the game? Here is our guide on how you can get Sticky Frogs in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Throughout their campaign in Zelda TOTK, players can travel through the vast lands of Hyrule discovering various creatures with unique abilities. One such creature is the Sticky Frog found in the swampy regions of Hyrule. Players can collect these little creatures and with some monster parts make the Sticky Elixir. This gives Link slip resistance which can be helpful to climb walls in rain without slipping. Here is our guide on how you can get the Sticky Frogs in Tears Of The Kingdom.

How to get Sticky Frogs in Tears Of The Kingdom

sticky frogs tears of the kingdom
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Sticky frogs can be found in damp and marshy areas, generally inside caves or on mountainous terrain. They make a good alternative for Sticky Lizards as they are not as aware as the lizards and it makes it easier for Link to acquire them as they don’t run off quickly. They are not very common creatures all across the game but on the other hand, their bright body usually sticks out from the terrain so they are easy to find. Places like the West Necluda region and the Lanayuru wetlands are great habitats for these creatures to be in. Players can find enough of these frogs in this area to make themselves the elixir.

You can catch them simply by sneaking up on them slowly. They are a pretty easy catch once you spot them in these places. You can ultimately also use the Sensor+ feature of your Purah Pad to track down the Sticky Frogs in the game. Once you register them in the pad, you can select them in the compendium which will beep faster once you come across these creatures. This makes it, even more, easier to track them down

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