Hitman 3 The Talented Mr. Rieper Challenge

Here's how to complete The Talented Mr. Rieper Challenge in Hitman 3.

Completing Hitman 3 The Talented Mr. Rieper is one of the easier challenges in the game, even though it will end in a shoot out with guards. All you need is patience. You need to wait around a lot in this mission to complete this challenge. To complete The Talented Mr. Rieper Hitman 3 Challenge, you have to talk to Diana three times in your default suit without any other disguise. This will make Tamara Vidal ask you to meet her privately in the cinema theater. Once you reach there, the challenge will be completed.

How to Do The Talented Mr. Rieper Hitman 3 Challenge?

The Talented Mr. Rieper feat challenge description tells us “Meet Tamara Vidal for a private word in the cinema” and nothing else. Some may find this task difficult as Tamara is always following Diana throughout the mission and your task is to separate her from Diana and go with her to the cinema. But this is quite rather simple to achieve.

Let’s look at how to complete The Talented Mr. Rieper Hitman 3 Challenge:

  • Make sure your starting Location is the Parking Lot

    Other starting locations will spawn you with a disguise in the mission. We need to be in a normal suit. If the starting location is the Parking Lot then you can select any suit you unlocked before missions. All suits other than disguises are just cosmetic changes to Agent 47’s default suit.

  • Grab the Invitation
    Talented Mr Rieper Hitman 3

    Go to the middle of the parking lot circle with cactus plants. One guest will be smoking there. He has kept the invitation beside him. Pick the invitation to show at the front entry.

  • Go to the Upper Level

    You need to use stairs and go a level above the reception desk. You need to wait here for Diana and Tamara Vidal to enter the party. Once they enter, they will go to the reception desk and then they will climb up the stairs you used. You need to talk to Diana about three times at this level.

  • Talk to Diana
    Hitman 3 Mr. Rieper

    Once you see Diana and Tamara reaching the top of the stairs, go to them and you will receive a prompt to talk to Diana. Talk to her and introduce yourself as her old colleague Mr. Tobias Rieper (The Talented Mr. Rieper). Diana will recognize you and introduces you to Tamara too. Then they will excuse themselves and walk away.

  • Talk to Diana again
    Hitman 3 The Talented Mr. Rieper Talk Diana

    Wait a bit for Diana and Tamara to chat a bit more among themselves. They might even sit at a table. Once they get and start walking, go to Diana and you will get the option to ‘Talk to Diana Burnwood’. This time Tamara will be more curious about you, ask about your profession. Agent 47 will reply he’s a corporate liquidator and the conversation ends.

  • Talk to Diana for the third time

    After the second conversation, both Diana and Tamara will go towards the railing and chat for a bit more. After waiting for a bit more, you can walk up to Diana and get the prompt to talk to her. But this time Tamara Vidal will be very suspicious of you. She will tell you that she already checked your social media which appears to be blocked for requests. Then she will then ask you to walk with her as she wants to discuss something on the QT (that is, secretly or in confidence). This will get you one step closer to completing the The Talented Mr. Rieper Hitman 3 Challenge.

  • Go with Tamara Vidal
    Talented Mr Rieper

    You need to follow Tamara and now a new bodyguard will join you. She will lead you to the cinema where four more bodyguards are waiting for you. She will tell you that she knows that Mr. Rieper is Agent 47. And he is her golden ticket to becoming the Constant. So she brought him to the cinema to kill him.

  • Kill Tamara First
    Talented Mr. Rieper Tamara

    After the exchange, the five bodyguards in the room will start shooting at you. Make sure to kill Tamara first, otherwise, she will escape from the room.

  • The Talented Mr. Rieper Hitman 3 Challenge is Completed

    Before the gunfight, as soon as Tamara asks you “All right. No more bulls**t. Who are you really?”, you will receive the popup that your Hitman 3 The Talented Mr. Rieper Challenge is completed now.

That’s everything you need to know to complete The Talented Mr. Rieper Challenge in Hitman 3. Also, check out our guide on Murder By Proxy Challenge, to know how to make enemy sniper NPC shoot & kill Tamara Vidal. While you are here also check out our other Hitman 3 guides.

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