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Murder By Proxy Hitman 3: How To Complete This Challenge

Hitman 3 Murder by Proxy Challenge guide that will also help you complete Domestic Disturbance, Scandal Challenges & Eyes on Target.

To complete Murder by Proxy Challenge you need to eliminate both your targets by using other NPCs. You can eliminate Tamara Vidal by asking the security sniper to kill her. And you can make Valentina Yates kill her husband Don Archibald Yates by sharing intel that proves that her husband ruined her career and reputation.

This guide will help in completing Murder by Proxy, Domestic Disturbance, Scandal Challenge & Eyes on Target (Mission Story). Doing the Domestic Disturbance will be counted as one of the kills in Murder by Proxy Challenge.


How to Complete Scandal Challenge and Domestic Disturbance Challenge in Hitman 3?

Follow the below steps to complete both Hitman 3 Scandal Challenge and Domestic Disturbance Challenge.

Get a Mercenary Disguise


This disguise can be obtained from any one of the Mercenaries roaming the villa vicinity. This will give you access everywhere without being suspicious.

Listen to Mercenaries for a Clue for Safe Code

Two guards will be near the door to the garden. They will be discussing the basement safe, where they doubt Don Yates has kept some secret hidden in it. One guard says the password must be something like the year Yates got married as they don’t have any kids.


Get Calendar From Bedroom
Hitman 3 Crystal Anniversary murder by proxy

You will come across a calendar in the bedroom with Crystal Anniversary circled on the calendar. As the game takes place in 2021 and Yates are celebrating 15 years of marriage, we can figure out their marriage year to be 2006. This is the passcode to the basement safe.

Get to the Basement Safe


The basement is located at Level 03 of the villa. Type in the safe code which is 2006. Pick up the secret file in the safe and get out from the basement.

Give File to Don Yates’s wife
Domestic Disturbance

Meet Valentina Yates and give her the file. The file involves the information that Don Yates secretly leaked the data that hampered her relation with China, while she was the Argentinian ambassador to China. Doing this will complete the Scandal Challenge for you. This ultimately ruined her career and her reputation. This will make her angry and kill her husband by pushing him off the balcony railings. This will complete the Domestic Disturbance Challenge for you.

How to Do Eyes on Target & Murder by Proxy Challenge in Hitman 3?

These steps will help you do the Eyes on Target and Murder by Proxy challenge.

Get a Gaucho Disguise

Subdue a Gaucho, change your disguise and hide the body. Gauchos, unlike mercenaries, have access everywhere in the premises except the Yate’s Villa. But as the armed guards roaming the vineyard, they have access to call in sniper shots using Spotter’s Earpiece to kill any potential targets (like Tamara). For this, you will need Spotter’s Earpiece.

Steal the Earpiece

Hitman 3 Steal the EarpieceThe Spotter’s Earpiece will be automatically marked after getting the disguise. It’s between two Gauchos guarding it. Pickup the earpiece without being spotted.

Sniper Target Practice

You can call in a practice sniper shot by scanning the watermelon nearby, using your handheld camera. Once the scan is done, the sniper will shoot the watermelon.

Find Tamara Vidal

Find Tamara Vidal, make sure to scan Tamara Vidal by using your camera when she is with Diana. Make sure not to hurt Diana. So plan your shot accordingly. To make sure Diana is not shot, you can talk to her by approaching her from the side and ask her to move. She will start walking towards the garden followed by Tamara, bringing a distance between them. Perfect time for the sniper shot. Get close to Tamara and “Give Kill Order”. Once you call in the sniper shot, Tamara will be eliminated. This will complete your second kill for Murder by Proxy Challenge and Eyes on Target mission story.

That’s everything you need to know to complete all Murder by Proxy, Domestic Disturbance, Scandal Challenge & Eyes on Target mission story in Hitman 3. While here, check out our other guides on completing other challenges in Hitman 3.