The Medium For Xbox Series X Will Have No Loading Screen, Supports 4K

Lead Designer Revealed Some Secret about the Horror Survival Game

Lead Designer for Horror game The Medium shared some vital info while talking to Eurogamer about its graphic features and an important update about the loading screen. Recently announced for Xbox Series X during Inside Xbox event, Medium is a psychological horror game with 4K and Ray-Tracing support.

Wojciech Piejko while taking to Eurogamer revealed a few vital info about the game. The game is based on Marianne, a psychically gifted woman who is haunted by visions of her child killed years ago. To find out the truth behind the crime, she travels to an abandoned hotel resort where things turn messy. Speaking more about the plot, he revealed Marianne’s unique skill lets her travel around two dimensions at the same time, which is the real world and the spirit world.

The key aspect that draws attention is Piejko’s comment on the loading screen. It is been speculated from a long time that next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X will kill the loading screen by introducing SSD’s as default storage options. Loading screens are haunting us for quite a long time, and this is only possible on high-end hardware.

Speaking on the technical side of the Medium, Piejko confirms the game will support 4K and Ray-tracing. He also shared seamless experience is not possible with interruption. The game will be getting rid of Loading and stuff to deliver an immersive horror experience to the gamers.

This is the first hint we received which to an extent confirms next-gen console is taking a massive leap towards graphic upgrade as well delivering game performance where no loading screen will exist. Medium is scheduled to release in Holiday 2020 for consoles and pc.

Source: Eurogamer