Medium Looks Like A Never Ending Nightmare

Literal Chills

It’s not just the fact that Medium looks scary from the off, there’s something hauntingly discreet about the game. Something feels incomplete going through the trailer. The story as shown in the trailer revolves around a woman who can communicate with the afterlife.

The afterlife seems like it is warning this character of impending doom that’s going to sweep the world in and only she can traverses through both dimensions and fix it. There is a Death Stranding vibe going around with the unborn child.

Now there is a striking contrast between the two dimensions but it looks like the developers are also trying to merge two different art styles with this game. It resembles a lot to last year’s Control and if that’s anything the bar to measure this game with, then the visuals look spot on.

Medium looks to build on a couple of different environments letting you never setting and keep the pace and tempo going without letting you rest to understand. To make a game like this the developers need to evoke the feeling of anxiety and if you are successful with that you win over half your battles.

On a personal note, I am looking forward to medium competing for the best game title, it should be excellent visually but with the help of Akira Yamaoka and Arkadiusz Reikowski, Medium can go beyond than most games in recent times have.

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