How To Get To The Key In Starfield (Location)

Here's how you can get access to the most hostile area in Starfield, the Key City.

The Key City is one of the most prominent places to exist in Starfield. It is a Star station owned by the Crimson Fleet Faction and is hostile to you in the beginning. But in this Key City Location Guide, we will tell you a way to get access to this place. And then finally, you will be able to freely wander across this city and visit some notable spots. That said, take a look below to get started.

Where is the Key in Starfield?

Starfield the Key City Location

The Key is a part of the Kryx System, which is located just above the Porrima Solar System. Once you have found the Kryx System, you must look for a giant Planet called Suvorov. And on the left side of it, you can find the Key. You will eventually gain access to this location during the Rook Meets King (2nd quest of Crimson Fleet Faction) side quest. Here’s how you can begin this quest and get safe access to the Key in Starfield.

How to Get Access to the Key City

You will be welcomed with plenty of fighter ships and turrets after jumping over to the Key City early. So your first step should be to turn hostile NPCs friendly. And for that, you will have to Join the Crimson Fleet Faction. Joining them is the only way to enter the Key City and access all its facilities. To become a part of the Crimson Fleet, you will have to complete the Deep Cover Dive side quest. To start with this mission, follow these steps:

  • Commit a crime on any UC Vanguard-controlled Planet.
  • Cydonia on Mars is one of those places you can visit.
  • Get caught by a UC Vanguard officer and get under their custody.
  • Next, go with the official to meet their Captain, Kibwe Ikande.
  • Interact with the Captain and begin the Deep Dive Cover side quest.

Starfield Rook Meets King Quest

After you have completed it, you will get access to the Rook Meets King quest. In between this quest, you will meet an NPC called Naeva Mora whom you must please by completing her assigned tasks. Doing so will unlock the objective of Traveling to the Key for you in Starfield. This time, you will be welcomed with no turrets and missiles. That said, you have officially gained access to the Key City and you can dock on it any time you want.

All Points of Interest in the Key City

Following are the 3 sections on the Key that you can explore:

  • The Key’s Spaceport
    • You’ll land here after docking your Ship
  • Reckoner’s Core
    • This is the area with all the vendors, shops, and NPCs
  • Operations Centre
    • This is where the higher-level officials of the Crimson Fleet faction are found

Make sure to explore all of the Key City in Starfield and collect whatever you find on your way. There are numerous locations for you to explore while traveling across Star Systems. Rowland Arms, Deimos Staryard, and the Clinic are a few such locations you should discover.

I am sure that you would want plenty of help during your playthrough. It can be for anything like for quests or fixing bugs, etc. Just head over to our Starfield Wiki guide for all the informative and helpful guides.

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