The Division 2 Hidden Side Mission How To Find Hidden Missions

The Division 2 has a lot of things under the surface from Easter eggs to loot that you have to find for, but among all that hidden, is the Garage Stash and Missing Wire Scavengers side mission. These are so mysterious that they do not even show up in the mission list and have to be manually initiated to begin.

Developers added a couple of hidden side missions in the game for those players who like to scan out the entire game as they progress so, these missions will grant them the extra boost which is needed after the main story line of the game has been completed.

Hidden Side Missions

The missions are hidden and will not pop up or show by itself in-game this adds perplexity to the game and as the post-release has been great, these missions give the players something to do within the game for those who are done with the game or are just procrastinating.

Garage Stash side mission location

the division 2 Garage Stash side mission

The Garage Stash side mission can be found in the West End, deep inside the Dark Zone, which can be accessed via the Dark Zone West gate. This mission is nearby a safe house.

To initiate the mission, you will have to visit the area yourself and begin it manually.

Missing Wire Scavengers side mission

the division 2 Missing Wire Scavengers side mission


Make sure you have leveled up enough before beginning your missions, this may be a big task but you would not like to go in without being ready for it. If not ready you should avoid confrontation with others.

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