The Division 2 How To Find and Disrupt Propaganda Events

Disrupting Propaganda events is one of the most important side missions in The Division 2 as it helps get rid of the enemy faction and also serves as a means to cleanse out the corruption that has taken over the city.

With a vast map, The Division 2 has ample of side missions which go hand in hand with the main story and are equally important. But you will need to find these locations and this guide will help you locate and destroy all the propaganda events in Washington D.C

What are Disrupt Propaganda Events

the division 2 speaker icon

As and when you play the game, you will see a question mark on the map, this can be almost anything but if you initiate the mission and find a speaker icon, then it is a propaganda event. Most likely used by the enemy faction to spread their doctrine and force people who are still living to be on their side.

Where to Locate The Propaganda Events

the division 2 propoganda

Like a living thing, The Division 2 keeps moving this event throughout the map and you will have to find questions marks on your map to locate these events, one thing to keep in mind is that these activities always happen on the streets. So if you find a question mark which leads you inside a building it is most definitely not a propaganda event.
Though not all question marks side missions are propaganda events, you will find some other events which might lead you to these but you will never know for sure which ones are which unless you engage into the mission itself.

How to Disrupt the Propaganda Event

This is quite simple, just defeat the enemy faction waves that come at you and then override re-initiate the speaker override. As simple as it may seem, it is a completely different ballgame when you play, as you will come up against a horde of enemies, so it is best to take a squad and lay waste to your opponents as quickly as you can.

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