Where Is Tempering Workshop In Honkai Star Rail?

If you're looking for the Tempering Workshop location in Honkai Star Rail, then this is where you can find it.

During Clara’s story quest, you must find the location of the Tempering Workshop in Honkai Star Rail. You’ll come across this quest in the Jarilo-VI region, where Clara will ask you to meet at the workshop. However, sometimes the game does not tell you where to find certain locations or objects like the Bottle of Draconic Tears. It’s up to you to scour the area and find them. In the case of the workshop, it is hidden in the Rivet Town region and we will tell you where.

Tempering Workshop Location in Honkai Star Rail

Tempering Workshop location in HSR
Image Source: Zelgraz on YouTube

The Honkai Star Rail Tempering Workshop is located in the western region of the Rivet Town area. The workshop has an old TV-like monitor and a table with an open toolbox. Behind this monitor, you’ll find a readable note called “Tempering Workshop” A Fresh Start!”. You can access this note in the Bookshelf section of your mobile menu.

The Tempering Workshop is a part of the Wish You Were Here mission by Clara in Jarilo-VI. Once you complete the Rarely Affectionate (Part 2) mission at Level 34, you will meet Clara again. She will ask about Pascal’s progress, a robot you repaired together in the previous mission. After the checkup, she will install new programs in Pascal and check for any irregularities. Then, you must interact with Pascal for a short dialogue to see if the programs are working well. Once you complete the dialogue, you can visit the Tempering Workshop to collect your gift, a 3-Star Flower Made From Scrap Iron. This flower is on a table to the right of the monitor. It looks like a rose made from shiny silver.

If you’re wondering what’s the use of this metal flower then don’t strain your brain. At the moment, it has no use whatsoever. However, it may come in handy in later updates or DLCs. So make sure you collect it along with the quick read note to learn more about the history of this workshop.

That’s all from us on where to find the Tempering Workshop in Honkai Star Rail. While you’re here, make sure you also check out how to find hidden objects with the use of Findie in our HSR guides section.