How To Search Mine Cart Parts With Object Finder In Honkai Star Rail

If you're having trouble with Findie the object finder in Honkai Star Rail, then this guide will tell you how to collect Mine Cart Parts.

In Honkai Star Rail, many players are stuck on the “Search Mine Cart Parts with Object Finder” part of the Ones Fallen Into The Abyss quest. This part works as a tutorial on how to use Findie, the Home-Use Object finder. With the help of this machine, you can find hidden treasures all across the map. However, players are wondering how to collect the treasure after finding it. To help you out, we will mention how to find the Mine Cart parts.

Search Mine Cart Parts with Object Finder in Honkai Star Rail

Use Findie to search for Mine Cart parts in Honkai Star Rail
Image Source: Kibbles Gaming on YouTube

The “Search Mine Cart Parts with Object Finder” part of the Ones Fallen Into The Abyss quest in Honkai Star Rail is simple yet confusing. The trick to finding the Mine Cart Parts is to use Findie, a Home-Use Object Finder. This device will help you find hidden objects and is very useful in the later parts of the game. The hidden objects you need to find in this mission are Mine Cart Pin and Mine Cart Wheelset. To find both items:

  1. Activate Findie and it will point a beam of green light at the hidden object.
  2. Go to that point and you’ll find a treasure chest. Now, place another Findie there.
  3. Head over to the place where the Findie is pointing.
  4. Now, many Star Rail players couldn’t find the Mine Cart Parts at that location.
  5. The trick is to drop another Findie at the location and you’ll get the option to investigate.
  6. Press the assigned key and you’ll find the first mine cart part i.e. Mine Cart Pin
  7. Now, check the minimap and head over to the center of the yellow circle.
  8. Follow the same process and you’ll find the second part i.e. Mine Cart Wheelset.
  9. Head over to the broken mine cart and interact with it to fix it.

That’s all from us on how to search mine cart parts with object finder Honkai Star Rail. While you’re here, you can check our best settings guide to run the game smoothly on PC or mobile.