How To Tame A Panda In Minecraft

Everyone wants a Panda as a pet, so here is how you can tame a Panda in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, you are able to tame some Mobs. They can be kept as pets like Parrots or Cats and some will be handy like the Horse and Wolf. Some of us have the Panda as our Spirit Animal and today I will tell you how to Tame a Panda in Minecraft.

How to Tame a Panda in Minecraft


A Panda is a neutral Mob that lazes around the whole day. Pandas are the latest Bear-type Mobs in Minecraft and have unique personalities from being a Normal Panda to a Brown Panda. Taming a Panda is the same as taming any other Mob in Minecraft, you feed them their favorite food item. Below are the given steps you will need to tame a Panda in Minecraft:

  • First, you will need to find a Bamboo Jungle or a Jungle Biome. They are a rare spawn in a Jungle Biome but are more common in the Bamboo Jungle Biome.
  • Once you do find the Biomes, you will find Pandas in groups of like 2 or 3.
  • Now you will need Panda’s favorite Food Item. Well, you are in luck as Panda’s favorite Food Item is Bamboo.
  • So from the surrounding, collect some Bamboo.
  • Now like any other Mob, feed the Panda with Bamboo. This will take a few tries. Or you could also drop the Bamboo in front of them and they will pick it and eat that piece of Bamboo.
  • You will have to keep trying this until Hearts starts to pop up from the Panda you are feeding.
  • Once the Hearts appears, the Panda is tamed.
  • There is another Food Item that you can use to Tame a Panda. Weirdly enough, you can use a Cake to tame them.
  • You will have to drop the Cake in front of them, they will pick it up and eat it.

Well, this was how you can tame a Panda in Minecraft. You can bring them back to your base by holding a Bamboo in your hand. They will follow you as long as you have the piece of Bamboo in your hand. You can Breed them in a similar fashion to other Mobs. Just make sure you make a wooden fence around them. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in Taming Pandas in Minecraft. You can also check out our guides on Pumpkin Farms and  Breeding Cats.