How To Breed Cats In Minecraft?

Jude Lobo
3 Min Read

Breeding Cats in Minecraft is extremely simple. This guide will teach you the steps required to breed cats in Minecraft. Follow the undermentioned steps to get started with breeding them!

How to Breed Cats in Minecraft

minecraft cats
The following steps describe how to get cats to breed in Minecraft:

  • Firstly, you’ll need to find 2 stray cats.
  • Once you find them, they’ll need to be tamed.
  • To do this, load your use menu with Raw Salmon or Raw Cod.
  • Now feed one cat until the grey smoke above their heads turns into red hearts.
  • Once red hearts appear, the stray cat will be tamed.
  • In order to get both tamed, do the same with the other stray cat.
  • Once tame, both the cats will follow you if they’re not sitting.
  • In addition to getting the cats tamed, it’s advisable to build a fence around the two cats to keep them closer.
  • Now just get the cats close together and feed each one either raw salmon or raw cod.
  • Once fed, Red hearts will appear over each cat which means they’re in love mode.
  • You’ll now see a kitten spawn.
  • You can make the kitten sit and to add to it, it even follows you around.
  • The breed and color of the kitten will be the same breed as one of the parents.

In Minecraft, these are the following breeds of cats available:

Breed Color Eye Color
Black Black Orange
British Shorthair Silver Yellow
Calico Orange, White and Brown Yellow and Blue
Jellie Gray and White Greenish Grey
Persian Creamy Blue
Ragdoll White and Amber Blue
Red Tabby Orange and White Green
Siamese White and Brown Blue
Tabby Brown and White Yellow
Tuxedo Black and White Green

There! Now you know how to breed cats in Minecraft! We hope you liked this guide that was crafted to help you. In order to keep up with the amazing things in Minecraft, check out this cool guide that teaches you how to Get and Farm Apples in Minecraft!