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How To Surrender In DOTA 2 (2022)

Here is how to surrender in a game in DOTA 2.

DOTA 2 is an online multiplayer game where the competition is very high. Since it’s an online multiplayer, you will have a wide range of players from the Casuals Players to the Hardcore Pros. Due to this, you may not want to play with certain players as they are ruining your match in DOTA 2. Here is where you would want to surrender the game. In the guide, I will explain how to surrender a game in DOTA 2.

How to Surrender in DOTA 2


surrender dota 2

To surrender in Dota 2 private lobbies, you can just type “GG” in chat and it will end the game. This is the case as you do not earn any Trophies or Item drops. They do not change the player’s official stats. And also keep in mind, the only way you can surrender in public lobbies is by making all 5 players from a team quit the game and face any penalties that may occur. These are the only ways you can surrender in DOTA 2.

This has been this way for a very long time and the debate on this feature is very much heated. You have one have of the player base that wants the game to be as it is but the other wants the implementation of this feature. Since there is no direct way of surrendering a game from a public lobby, I would suggest playing out the game. This is because penalties will be dealt with the player for consistent game abandoning in DOTA 2. But if you need to surrender the game, you will have left the game for at least 5 mins.


This was all about surrendering a game in DOTA 2. Hopeful this guide helped you in answering certain queries regarding the surrender feature in DOTA 2. You can also check our guides on recalibrating MMR and How to Avoid Unwanted players in DOTA 2.