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How To Recalibrate Your MMR In DOTA 2 – Everything You Need To Know

Here is how you can recalibrate your MMR in DOTA 2.

DOTA 2 is a highly competitive game. Players keep on grinding to be the best they can be but not everyone can. In such cases, you will want to reset and start fresh. To do so you will need to reset your MMR. In today’s guide, I will explain how to recalibrate your MMR in DOTA 2.

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How to Recalibrate your MMR in DOTA 2

mmr in dota 2

Firstly, what is MMR? Well MMR or Match Making Rating is a rating that DOTA 2 gives to a player. This rating is based on the total wins, losses, and overall performance of the player. So technically, you can consider MMR as the Skill Rating granted to the Player by DOTA 2. Now that’s out of the way, let us see how we can recalibrate it.


DOTA 2 resets all players’ MMR on a 6 months cycle, this is because each season in DOTA 2 is 6 months. So, two times a year is when you will be able to recalibrate your MMR. This allows us to recalibrate our MMR despite our game history. With your new MMR which was reset, you will have to play some ranked games. In those ranked games, as stated earlier, you will have to play at your best to get a good MMR. You will have to play 10 such ranked games to recalibrate your MMR.

In those 10 games, your performance, wins, losses, and everything in between will factor in your MMR recalibration. So play at your absolute best to have the highest MMR possible, else you will have low MMR. After all of your ranked games, you will be given an MMR that matches on well you did.

That was all about recalibrating your MMR in DOTA 2. Hopefully, this guide helped you to get the best MMR you can get. You can also check out our guides on locking your Camera and How to avoid Unwanted Players in DOTA 2.