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SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete Real Time Replay: How To See It?

How to watch the real time replay of a level in SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete? Find out in this guide.

SUPERHOT became widely popular due to its unique concept. Now, SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete is going to release on 16th July 2020 and fans are super excited for this new addition. Playing the slow-mo action/combat puzzle game is engaging and thrilling, especially since time moves only when you move. Enemies inch closer and you must take control of the situation. Plus, it ends up looking pretty awesome when you check the replay of it in real time. Want to know how to watch SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete real time replay in this game? This guide will show you how.

Real-Time Replay in SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete: How To See It

If you want to see how you performed in a certain level in real-time, here are the things you should do. All you have to do is press Y on Xbox or press Triangle on PS4 when a level ends and you will be able to watch yourself kill enemies – John Wick style. This is a wonderful feature so don’t miss an opportunity to watch replays in real-time in SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete.

Note that the game might tell you to press A (Xbox One) or X (PS4) but instead of pressing those buttons, you should press the ones we’ve mentioned before. Also, remember that you need to press the buttons only after completing a level. Doing it in between will make you jump instead of showing you the replay.

This is what you need to know about seeing replays in real time in SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete. In case you didn’t know, this game will be completely free for owners of SUPERHOT. So, if you have the copy of the original game, be sure to grab Mind Control Delete too. This game is expected to have new weapons, abilities and more.