Superhot: Mind Control Delete Launches July 16, Free for Owners of Superhot

The third game in the Superhot series, Superhot: Mind Control Delete will release on July 16, as revealed by the producer of the Team.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete maintains the same gameplay that made the series popular, mixing the first-person action with slow-motion but promises more details about the universe of the franchise. The new game is also expected to be “much bigger” than its predecessors, including new play styles, weapons, and special abilities.

The game will be free for players who already have the original Superhot or who purchase a copy of the game until the release of the new game. The offer is only valid for the original Superhot, not for Superhot VR.

During Superhot’s Kickstarter, developers promised backers that they would receive a free DLC. However, the team never delivered it. Because in the course of time it became so extensive that it was expanded into the standalone addon now known as Mind Control Delete.

The studio still wants to keep its promise. That’s why all Superhot owners will still get a copy of Mind Control Delete as long as they buy the debut album before the expansion releases on July 16, 2020. The team gives the details in a comprehensive FAQ.

The offer applies to all platforms on which the title is available: GOG, Steam,, Windows Store, Origin, and the Epic Games Store, as well as consoles. If you got the game through a free giveaway, you still have to buy Mind Control Delete separately.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can watch the trailer of the new game below.