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Superhot VR Sales Exceeded 2 Million Copies

Superhot VR Sales

The independent studio Superhot Team on its website announced that sales of VR-version of their shooter with elements of the puzzle, called Superhot, have exceeded 2 million copies this day.

According to the developers, Superhot VR took its first million in two and a half years, but then they forgot to announce it. And it took half as much time to reach the second million of sales.

For comparison, by April 2019, more than 800 000 copies of Superhot VR were sold worldwide. Thus, over the past 13 months, about 1.2 million copies of the game have been sold.

At the same time, the result of the sales of the regular version of Superhot as of May 2019 was estimated at 1.2 million copies. The Superhot Team does not specify how much has been sold since then.

The Superhot Team says the road that brought them to their current success began with a small game experiment nearly 7 years ago. The path was long and thorny. The first prototypes were created from the old components of smartphones in the garage.

The developers noted the steady growth of the VR segment, thanked the players for the joint journey, and wished the community many more crazy and winding paths ahead. So, we can wait for some new content from them.

Superhot was released on PC in February 2016, and subsequently reached the Xbox One (May 2016), PlayStation 4 (July 2017), and Nintendo Switch (August 2019). The game first appeared on VR platforms in December 2016.

Source: Superhot