How To Get The Metal Cap In Super Mario 64

This is how to unlock the Metal Cap in Super Mario 64 (3D All Stars). Make Mario invincible with this cap!

In Super Mario 64, you will step into the shoes of Mario once again and go on wonderful adventures. There’s a certain cap you need to wear, though, that will give you the boost you need. It’s the Metal Cap in Super Mario 64 (3D All Stars) and this is how you can get it easily.

How to Unlock the Metal Cap in Super Mario 64

It’s quite a process to get the Metal Cap in Super Mario 64, so here is a step by step breakdown.

Your first goal is to get to Hazy Maze Cave which is in the Mushroom Castle Basement.

Get to it by locating a room where there’s a small pool of dark liquid. Jump in the pool and you will be in the Hazy Maze cave. On your screen, you will see ‘Swimming Beast in the Cavern’, which is the mission.

Keep left in the cave and jump over the first gap you see. Then, open the door right in front of you and go inside.

Now, you must make your way to the area where you see huge balls falling down the slope. Then take a right and enter through the door.

There will be an area in the room with smaller squares on it. That is the elevator which will take you downwards.

Once you are down, take the brown path and jump into the water.

Swim towards a platform and wait until Dorrie (aka the Swimming Beast) comes to you. Jump on his head and jump off near some double doors that you will you see. Enter through those doors.

Walk in and continue your journey into the dark pool again.

This will take you to the Metal Cap Switch Course. Now, all you have to do is step on the green “!” switch which will turn the green blocks into solid cubes.


That’s basically how you will get the Metal Cap in Super Mario 64. The Metal cap will turn him invincible and also make him heavier. This means you won’t be able to do your jumps but you will be able to sink in water. Use this to your advantage whenever you need it.

So, this was the entire process of getting the Metal Cap in Super Mario 64 (3D All Stars). Don’t forget to read our other guides on how to get the Wing Cap, how to blast away the wall and how to Ground Pound.