How To Super Jump In Splatoon 3

Learn how to do a Super Jump in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 is a recently launched third-person shooting game wherein you have to splatter your opponents. It is a successful sequel to the Splatoon series developed by Nintendo. Enter the Splatlands and color literally everything that comes in your path to secure a higher position in the lobby. This game has an amazing combat and control mechanism that makes you stick to the chair throughout the session. One of the movement controls in this game allows the in-game character to jump higher in the air and reach another location on the map. This is an ideal way to either retreat when you’re surrounded by many opponents or to reach a teammate to help them. Learn how to perform a Super Jump in Splatoon 3 using our detailed guide on it.

How to Super Jump in Splatoon 3

Super Jump Splatoon 3

You can do a Super Jump at any point of the match without any restrictions. Check out these points to perform this cool movement feature in the game:

  1. Press the X key to open the map and locate your teammates on the map.
  2. Later, use the D-pad to select the location where you want to Super Jump.
  3. Further, when the location where you’ll land is decided, press the A key to get into your Squid form.
  4. It will charge itself to do a Super Jump. After a few seconds, your in-game character will launch itself in the air landing on the decided location.
  5. However, while being in your Squid form before jumping, your movements will be restricted for a few seconds leaving you vulnerable to incoming enemy attacks.
  6. Also, keep in mind that if you select an area near your teammate, and meanwhile he changes his location, you won’t land in his new location.
  7. In addition, the biggest drawback of this movement is that it leaves a signal on the map that can be seen by everyone in the lobby.

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That’s everything you should know about the Super Jump movement feature in Splatoon 3. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Splatoon 3 guides on Squid Roll.