Phasmophobia: How Sunny Meadows Restricted Map Works

Here is everything that you should know about the Sunny Meadows Restricted map in Phasmophobia.

In Phasmophobia, many players are confused about the Sunny Meadows Restricted map. There is already a map by a similar name that isn’t restricted. And to add to the confusion, that map is bigger and has more places to explore. Thus many players are interested to know about the uses of each. So in this guide let us check the Sunny Meadows Restricted map in Phasmophobia.

Sunny Meadows Restricted Map in Phasmophobia

phasmophobia sunny meadows restricted map explained

Sunny Meadows Restricted Map is nothing but the Sunny Meadows map with parts of its areas locked. It is 5 small maps in 1. If you have been playing Phasmophobia for a while now you will know that the Sunny Meadows Mental Institution was originally the Asylum. The problem with the Asylum was that the map was too big for a single player or at times even smaller teams to explore. Thus reducing their chances of surviving.

But that problem was solved with its rework, which came with the Apocalypse update of the game. Now you can enjoy the previously known Asylum map, as two options, that are Sunny Meadows and Sunny Meadows Restricted.

While playing on Sunny Meadows Restricted you still get to check the whole of the map. But instead of being able to access it entirely, you will find that the doors and other areas will be locked.

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Who should play in Sunny Meadows Restricted?

Just because some of its areas are inaccessible it isn’t a bad map by any means. You should use this map if you are new to the game or haven’t tried Sunny Meadows yet. While just starting Phasmophobia, exploring the biggest map can be a bit daunting, pun intended. So it is better if you start playing at Sunny Meadows Restricted. The entrance is still the same, just what will change will be the area you have to explore for your hunt. This should be useful to help you learn about the ins and outs of it.

That covers this guide on what the Sunny Meadows Restricted map is in Phasmophobia and who should play on it. Since you like playing this game also check our other guides on how to identify a Yurei, identify a Yokai, and which is the strongest ghost in Phasmophobia.