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Phasmophobia Ghost Speeds 2022: How Fast & Slow Are Ghosts?

Not sure of the movement speeds of ghosts in Phasmophobia? Find out how fast & slow they can be along with modifiers that change speed.

In Phasmophobia, you are a ghost hunter and as an investigator, one of the things you need to know like the back of your hand are ghost movement speeds. Not only will it allow you to narrow down the ghost you are trying to identify, you can also know how to deal with it without, well, dying.

What are the Ghost Movement Speeds in Phasmophobia?

how fast slow ghosts phasmophobia

In general, the movement speed of ghosts is 1.7 m/s. Once it starts to chase you with the intention to kill, it can increase up to 1.65 times of its original speed. It will go back to its slower self once you have evaded it and hidden yourself well. But there are more elements that determine ghost speeds that you should know about.

How Fast and Slow are Phasmophobia Ghosts

Big thanks to the Phasmophobia fandom for providing this data. Be sure to check out the entire page packed with loads of valuable information for players.

  • Jinn – Speed of 2.81 m/s if the player is more than 3 meters away while the fuse box is on. If the fuse box is off or it’s closer than 3 meters, then it has the normal ghost speed.
  • Raiju – Players can expect a speed of 2.81 m/s if it’s near an active electronic device. But apart from that, it will follow the normal ghost speed.
  • The Twins – One of the “Twins” will move 10% faster than normal and the main one will move 10% slower than normal.
  • Moroi – If the average sanity of players is low, it will get faster. It can reach speeds of 2.25 m/s as well as 3.71 m/s.
  • Deogen – Players can expect this ghost’s speed to be anything from 0.4 m/s to 3 m/s depending on its distance from them.
  • Hantu – If the room is colder, Hantu will move faster and can reach a speed of 2.7 m/s. It can come down to 1.44 m/s if the temperature rises.
  • Revenant – If you are in the clear view of a Revenant, you will find him chasing you at a speed of 3 m/s. But if you hide well, he will be much slower at 1 m/s.
  • Thaye – The speed of this ghost is 2.75 m/s and every time it ages, it will go down to 0.175 m/s. After it has completely aged, the speed will become 1 m/s.

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Note that these speeds are approximate values and not exact. And also keep in mind that the speed of the ghost will be different while you are out of the line of sight compared to an active chase.

That’s how fast and slow Phasmophobia Ghosts are. Players need to keep a stock of Smudge Sticks, Sanity Pills, have some Crucifixes and know how to identify various ghosts in Phasmophobia to survive the challenge. To help you in this task, we’ve got lots of guides that will make things easy for you.