Super Mario RPG Sunken Ship Puzzle Solution

Wondering how you can solve all the six different Sunken Ship Puzzles in Super Mario RPG? Find all the answers you are looking for, right here.

One of the most complicated tasks in Super Mario RPG is completing the Sunken Ship Password Puzzle. To complete the main and final Puzzle using a Password, you will first have to solve six smaller Puzzles. Although these are fun to do, not being able to know exactly how you need to solve it can be time-consuming. To learn more about these Puzzles and to get all their answers, check out this guide, below.

Super Mario RPG: All Sunken Ship Puzzles Answers

Here, you can find the solution to all the 6 mini puzzles:

Door 1 – Iron Ball

Sunken Ship Puzzles Answered Door 1
Source – Quick Tips on YouTube

When you enter this room, you will see a Koopa Paratroopa flying and an Iron Ball, which will be placed on top of a few blocks. There will be a green button with an exclamation mark attached to these blocks. You will notice that this enemy is mimicking your movements. Take advantage of this and let him dash the ball so that it falls exactly over the green button. You will then receive the clue – The adventurer Indigo’s memo: “There is an ‘S’ in the word.”

Door 2 – Spring

Sunken Ship Puzzles Answers Door 2
Source – Quick Tips on YouTube

You will notice three clown-faced springs moving continuously. There will be three blocks placed at their level. Jump and hit these blocks to stop these springs. An iron ball will be released, it will bounce on these three springs and hit the green button. You will then receive another clue – The adventurer Indigo Jr.’s memo: “It is found on the bed of the ocean.”

Door 3 – 3D Maze

Sunken Ship Answers Door 3
Source – Quick Tips on YouTube

This is the most difficult one out of all the six. You will have to enter the maze and you will lose sight of Mario. In order to complete this maze you can try and jump every time you encounter an obstacle. After a few tries you will reach the top, jump, and go near the green button. Press it to get your third clue – The second expedition team’s memo: “It has two vowels.”

Door 4 – Coin Collection

Sunken Ship Puzzles Answers Door 4
Source – Quick Tips on YouTube

As the name suggests, there will be a coin and this first coin will generate a series of coins. Your goal is to follow and collect all these coins. After some time, this coin will stop spawning and you can collect the final coin. This will help you get the fourth clue – The search party Onyx’s memo: “It is very valuable.”

Door 5 – Cannonball

Sunken Ship Puzzles Answers Door 5
Source – Quick Tips on YouTube

Once you enter this room, on the left-hand side there will be a little block. When you hit this small block it will fire a ball from the first cannon. You will have to hit this ball into the block. You can then repeat the same process twice and hit the other two iron balls into their designated blocks. You will then get your next clue – The fourth investigation crew’s memo: “‘It’ is actually a ‘they.'”

Door 6 – Barrel

Sunken Ship Puzzles Answers Door 6
Source – Quick Tips on YouTube

For the last one, you will notice there are two green buttons on the floor. Towards the corner, you will see a few barrels. Climb on top of one of the barrels and wait until it falls to the ground. Now jump on top of it and move towards the button on the right. Make sure to properly adjust the barrel on the right button and you can go and stand on the left one to get your final clue – The treasure hunter Elan’s memo: The “R’ comes before the “L”.

The Sunken Ship Password Puzzle Answer

Sunken Ship Puzzles Answers Password
Source – Quick Tips on YouTube

When you enter this room you will notice 6 different blocks floating mid-air. They will be numbered and when you go and stand under them, it will show a bunch of letters. The password of this puzzle is ‘PEARLS’. This means, that when you come under ‘Key Letter 1’, you will have to select the letter ‘P’. You can keep hitting it to select the letter you want to apply to that block. The order will be:

  • Key Letter 1 – P
  • Key Letter 2 – E
  • Key Letter 3 – A
  • Key Letter 4 – R
  • Key Letter 5 – L
  • Key Letter 6 – S

Once you are done, confirm your Password once again. You can then exit and fight the tough enemy boss King Calamari and defeat him.

This is everything you need to know to complete all the Sunken Ship Puzzles in Super Mario RPG. To learn more about this game, make sure to check out our Super Mario RPG section and get all informational guides.