Subnautica: Below Zero Vehicles And Their Modules Guide

Check out all the cool vehicles that Subnautica: Below Zero has to offer along with their modules.

If you are submerged underwater and have miles to cover, or are struggling with harsh land terrains in Subnautica Below Zero, you need some assistance. It is quite smart to get some help instead of swimming or walking all the way through these unexpected biomes. Getting a vehicle can not only save your time but can also help you say safe while out for exploration. In this guide, we cover a list of all the Subnautica: Below Zero vehicles and their modules available.

List of Subnautica: Below Zero Vehicles

There are three vehicles in Subnautica: Below Zero namely, the P.R.A.W.N Suit,

1. P.R.A.W.N Suit (Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nano Suit Mk.III)

Prawn Suit Subnautica
The Prawn Suit aka the Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nano Suit Mk.III is used to walk on sea beds that extremely high pressure under the water. With a base crush depth of 400 meters, this suit has its own health bar and replenishes oxygen for the player when entered. The Suit runs on two power cells and has 24 slots for inventory. If these power cells are depleted, the suit will start losing oxygen and health slowly. There are two boosters attached on the back of the suit that helps players get a vertical thrust. It has a top speed of 24 kph and can be docked and recharged either on Seatruck Docking Module or in the Moonpool. You can upgrade and customize this vehicle with the vehicle upgrade console.

Module upgrade list for the P.R.A.W.N Suit in Subnautica Below Zero:

  • Drill Arm – One arm is converted into a drill arm helping players mine resources.
  • Torpedo Arm – Replaces one of the arms with a double-barrel torpedo launcher that can fire two shots at once.
  • Grappling Arm – Replaces one of the arms of the Prawn Suit with a grappling arm allowing the player to latch on to surfaces and pull themselves.
  • Propulsion Cannon – Replaces one arm with Propulsion Cannon enabling players to lift heavier objects than usual.
  • Jump Jet Upgrade – Increases the thrust power of the boosters.
  • Storage Module – Increases the 26 slot inventory by 6 more slots.
  • Thermal Reactor – Recharges Prawn suit automatically while in thermal areas of 30°C or above.

Crafting Materials

You will need 1x Plasteel ingot, 1x Power cell, 1x Enameled glass, and 1x Computer Chip to craft the Prawn Suit in Subnautica: Below Zero. It can be crafted the Mobile Vehicle Bay.

2. Seatruck

Sea Truck Subnautica

The Seatruck is basically your all-in-one vehicle that can take a variety of roles from a small makeshift base to a travel vehicle. It can detach its front section helping the players to explore the deep sea narrow spaces easily. You will need 2 Power cells to run it and has its own health meter. Seatruck will replenish the player’s oxygen once inside. It has a depth crush of 150m can be docked in the Moonpool.  You can upgrade the base truck without the modules too.

Seatruck Modules List

The Seatruck modules can detach any time by the players manually and while docking at the Moonpool, they will detach automatically. Here is a list of modules for the Seatruck In Subnautica: Below Zero.

  • Aquarium Module – Installs 2 aquariums that capture the nearby fish automatically.
  • Cabin – Acts like a small submarine.
  • Docking Module – A prawn suit docking module
  • Fabricator Module – Adds a fabricator to the truck
  • Sleeper Module – Adds a bed, a photo frame, and a jukebox to the Seatruck.
  • Storage Module – Gives the Truck 5 more storage lockers.
  • Teleportation Module – Allows players to teleport between any of the biomes.

Crafting Materials required for the Seatruck

You will require 1x Titanium Ingot, 1x Power Cell, 1x Advanced Wiring Kit, 2x Glass, ad 3x Lead to craft the Seatruck in Subnautica: Below Zero.

3. Snowfox


Snowfox is a land vehicle and cannot work in or on water-based bodies. It is used on the Arctic terrains to navigate. You can craft this on the Snowfox Hoverpad and can customize it too. It however has only one upgradation slot. The players can equip it in their quick slots and use it when required.

List of Modules for Snowfox in Subnautica Below Zero:

  • Snowfox Jump Module – Boosters that will make your Snowfox jump short distances.
  • Snowfox Ice Worm Attack Reduction Module – Reduced the number of Ice Worm Attacks.

Crafting Materials

The players need to have 1x Lubricant, 1x Titanium, 1x Battery, and 2x Magnetite to craft the Snowfox in Subnautica: Below Zero.

So that is all for our guide on the list of vehicles and their modules in Subnautica: Below Zero. If you would like to know some pretty cool console commands and cheats for the game or how to see coordinates, make sure you check those articles out too.