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Subnautica Below Zero: How To Get Table Coral

Dive to the depths to hunt for corals.

The Table Coral is a harvestable coral species in Subnautica Below Zero. Using the table coral you can harvest a table coral sample. This item, in turn, can be used to make Computer Chips. So let’s find out more about how to get this resource in Subnautica Below Zero.

How to get Table Coral in Subnautica Below Zero


How To Get Table Coral In Subnautica: Below Zero
You can find the Table Coral in the Lilypad Islands, Main Lilypad Islands, and Twisty Bridges biomes.

To get the Table Coral you will have to interact with it and cut it with the Survival Knife or the Thermo Blade. Once you do that, the Table Coral will break. This in turn will give you one unit of Table Coral Sample.

Table Corals are available in four colors. These four colors are Red, Green, Blue, and Purple. Table Corals can be identified by their pulsating light. You can see them glowing brightly making them easy to identify. However, they are small in size too. So, to get to them you will have to step out of your Seatruck to get to them. You can also get them from Sea Monkeys in the game.


You will see the Table Corals grow on vertical surfaces and look like flat mushroom discs. Sometimes you will also be able to see them growing on the sea bed. They are mostly available in the Lilypad Islands, Main Lilypad Islands, and Twisty Bridges biomes. Combining a Table Coral sample with copper wire and gold will give you a computer chip. This chip is useful in making the Seatruck and O2 Tank.

This is everything you need to know about how to get Table Corals in Subnautica Below Zero. While you are here, you can also have a look at how to See Coordinates or How to get a Prawn Suit.