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Subnautica Below Zero: How To Get The Spiral Plant?

Here’s how to get Spiral Plant in Subanutica Below Zero

The way to get through the world of Subnautica below zero is by upgrading your suit and collecting resources. While there are many resources to collect the Spiral plant remains one of the most important. The spiral plant is important as It is necessary to upgrade two armors in the game. We know how rare such items are which is where we step in to help you get some of them. Let’s see how to get Spiral Plant in Subnautica Below Zero.

How To Get Spiral Plant In Subnautica Below Zero?


Subnautica Below Zero Spiral Plant
Directly underneath the Kayav is where you start your search. You will have to set the direction to two ticks on the left of South and go 1000 meters in the direction. Once at the location you will see the wreckage of a ship turn left and set the direction to two ticks right of the northeast. Now you will have to go 150 meters downwards where you will find the other half of the wreckage. This is the spot where you will find the Spiral plant from which you can get the Spiral plant clippings. Resources spawn at different places for different players in the game, which is why we recommend you scout the whole area around the second part of the wreckage.

Once you find the spiral plant (it is white so it won’t be difficult to spot) use the knife on it. After using the knife at it you will get 2 spiral plant clippings from one spiral plant. In total players will need 6 clippings, so you will have to find 3 spiral plants in Subnautica Below Zero. Just around the wreckage, you can find another spiral plant, we recommend you explore a bit deeper as well around the second part of the wreckage. Players can also grow these at their base by planting a clipping in the Exterior Growbed at their base. This will give you spiral clipping at regular intervals and you won’t have to go through the cumbersome navigation process as well.

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