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Seatruck Perimeter Defense Upgrade Location Guide – Subnautica Below Zero

Perimeter Defense Upgrade is a Seatruck upgrade in Subnautica Below Zero. Learn how to use seatruck perimeter defense?

Perimeter Defense Upgrade can create an electrical field around the Seatruck to scare away the predators. In this guide, you will learn about where to find and how to use Perimeter Defense Upgrade in Subnautica Below Zero.

Perimeter Defense Upgrade:


The world of Subnautica below zero is submerged so the mode of transport is also water-bound. While you start with only a suit there are multiple types of suits and Sea trucks you can unlock. Every suit and Sea truck also has multiple upgrades. The Perimeter defense is one such Sea truck upgrade in Subnautica Below Zero.

The Perimeter defense will create an electric charge around the sea truck to repel off sea creatures like the leviathan. To use the perimeter defense all you have to do is take the mouse on the upgrade slot use the left click. This will send off the charge around the Sea truck and shock away from the leviathans and other creatures. If you hold the left click for a few seconds it will increase the shock radius.


The perimeter defense does eat up some power from the Sea truck. As a matter of fact, bigger blasts drain a lot of energy as they use 7.5% of it at once. Shock might not kill the creature but it will reduce the damage on your Sea-truck and reduce the time spent repairing it.

It is one of the strongest sea truck upgrades you will get in the game. It is only available at one spot in the in addition to that, the spot can only be unlocked in the latter half of the game. You can find the Perimeter defense only at Maraguerit Maida’s base. Players can only unlock the base after they have disabled the communications tower for Marguerit. After disabling the communications tower meet Marguerit at her greenhouse and get the information she promised you. The base will be unlocked after you visit the Greenhouse.

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