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Subnautica Below Zero: How To Reach Outpost Zero?

Let’s see how to reach Outpost Zero in Subnautica Below Zero

The world of Subnautica is fairly huge, which is also the USP of the game as it gives players a chance to explore the vast ocean. Exploring the ocean is all fun until you have to navigate your way through the darks of the ocean. One such location is Outpost Zero, while reaching it can be difficult there are certain resources and blueprints here which can give you the leverage you want in the initial half of the game. Let’s see how to reach Outpost Zero in Subnautica Below Zero.

How To Reach Outpost Zero In Subnautica Below Zero?


Outpost Zero is at the northern part of the map. From your drop pod head 100 meters towards the north, you will see a wall, take a left from the wall. Head towards the east and stay under the wall and keep following it. After some distance (approximately 100 meters) you will see snow spikes in the water, this is your cue to turn left. Once you turn left you will see an opening, don’t take keep heading forward and get out through the second opening.

Exit your sea truck and you will see a thermal lily on your left, this means you are on the right path. Keep heading in that direction, there will be a lot of fog so keep heading towards another thermal lily and stay on the frozen river. After the fog clears you will glowing sticks, keep following them and head straight and you will see the Outpost Zero.

Items You Can Find?


  •  2 prawn suit fragments
  •  Habitat builder parts
  •  Lantern fruit
  •  Water Purifier blueprint
  •  Powercell charger blueprint
  •  Rooms, furniture, and some other resources as well

With so many items Outpost zero becomes a must-visit spot, we recommend you explore it thoroughly until you find all these items.

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