What Do ‘Subbed’ And ‘Dubbed’ Mean In Anime

Wondering what does ‘Subbed’ and ‘Dubbed’ mean in Anime? Here is everything you need to know.

If you have been newly introduced to Anime, you must be looking for the meaning of ‘Subbed’ and ‘Dubbed’. Similarly, if you have recently started watching any Anime series or movies and have casually mentioned it to any of your Anime-watching friends, they might have shot the question, rather aggressively – ‘Sub or Dub?’ To understand more about this topic and how you can safely respond to this question, keep reading this guide and learn about these terms.

What are ‘Subs’ and ‘Dubs’ in Anime

What Does Subbed And Dubbed Mean In Anime
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The whole Anime fandom is fighting an invisible war when it comes to these terms. While some swear that Dubs should not exist, some can’t stand the anime fans that start each sentence with “Subs are just so distracting….”

However, it is still unclear what both of these means. In simple words, Subbed means you will be able to view the Anime in the language it was meant to be in, (Mostly in Japanese) and will display the subtitles in which ever language you select. Dubbed means you can watch it in the language you select. For example, if your preferred language in English, the voice over for that Anime will be in English.

If you try and narrow it down, both of these options have their set of pros and cons. While watching a Subbed Anime, you will be able to get a well rounded experience of what you are watching, since the audio and video quality will be accurate. Although, you might have to multitask the entire time so that you do not miss out on any good scenes while you are busy trying to figure out what the character said few seconds ago and will have to keep rewinding and checking again and again.

When it comes to Dubs, you can fully enjoy what you are watching without having to constantly read any subtitles. However, the availability is less as compared the Subbed ones and you will have to scour the internet to find a reliable platform.

Since you now know what Subbed and Dubbed mean in Anime, you can pick your side of the debate and defend your choice whenever you are questioned about your preferences. If you are interested in this topic, you can also check out Top 10 Saddest Anime Of All Time and Top 10 Best Vampire Anime, and more, available here on Gamer Tweak.