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MW2 Stuck On Press A To Start On Xbox Issue Fix

Check out our guide on how to fix the Stuck on Press A to start on the Xbox consoles issue.

Ever since its launch, COD Modern Warfare 2 has had its fair share of error codes, glitches, and other technical issues. But recently, several Xbox players reportedly faced an issue wherein they were stuck on the Press A to start screen. Due to a glitch or bug, players are unable to advance the screen even after pressing the A button on their Xbox controller. Not to worry, here’s how you can fix the MW2 stuck on Press A to start on the Xbox issue.

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Stuck on Press A to Start on Xbox Consoles

mw2 stuck on press a to start

Fortunately, the devs at Activision have resolved the MW2 stuck on Press A to start the screen on Xbox consoles. They have confirmed it on their official Trello and Microsoft forums (link). So, we recommend players install any pending updates to update the game to its latest version.

But for the players facing this issue, there are some workarounds and fixes suggested by the COD community on Reddit. Here’s how you can resolve this issue:

  • Firstly, press the A button on your Xbox controller.
  • When it prompts “Connecting to the Datacenters”, press the B button to back out.
  • Select the Go offline option and proceed to join the Local multiplayer lobby.
  • From there, go back and enter the COD Home screen.
  • Finally, hit the Select button A to start the game.

But if the above workaround doesn’t resolve your issue, here are some other workarounds you can try:

Power Cycle or Reboot your Xbox Console

  • Firstly, press and hold the Xbox button for 10-15 seconds.
  • This will turn off your console.
  • Remove the Power plug and wait for 30-40 seconds.
  • Plug in your Power Plug and restart your Xbox console.

Reinstall COD MWII

If none of the workarounds resolved this issue, you can try uninstalling the game and installing it again. As you launch the game, check if you are still facing stuck on press A to start or not working issue.

Submit a Ticket to Activision Support

As the last resort, you can submit a ticket and report this issue to Activision support. You can describe your issue and wait till the team reverts you with a suitable workaround.

That’s everything covered about how to fix the MW2 stuck on press A to start on the Xbox issue. If you liked this guide, check out our guides on how to fix the error code 2901, the failed fetching Crossplay friends list error, how to get more SR for ranked play, and more COD Modern Warfare 2 Guides on our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.