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How To Get More SR For Ranked Play In MW2

Here is how you can get more SR in Ranked Play mode so you can go up the divisions faster in MW2.

MW2 Season 2 introduced the new SR system in its Ranked Play mode but how exactly does one get more SR? With all the new additions that came inside Ranked Play, it can get a bit complicated to understand. Especially if you are new to playing competitive rank-based mode in multiplayer games.

How to get SR Increased in Ranked Play in MW2

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Getting more SR in Ranked Play for MW2 is quite simple on the surface. “You gain SR when you win and lose SR when you lose.” said the Lead Game Designer Lawrence Metten. This is obvious and true, however, there are more levels to it. There are more factors that determine the increase and decrease of SR.

The fact is that your SR does not go up and down by the same amount in every match. The amount is determined by a number of factors. These include your Divison, SR of teammates, SR of your opponents, your performance in-game, etc.

These things are combined for the game to determine your HPR or Hidden Performance Range. Let’s understand more about this.

What is Hidden Performance Range (HPR)

Besides SR in MW2 Ranked Play, there is a system in place that allows the game to set an HPR or Hidden Performance Range for each player. Your HPR determines where the game thinks your rank should be. And, this is according to your performance compared to your team and opponents.

“Beat players with a higher HPR than you and your HPR goes up, fall short of expectations and it goes down. Perform consistently and your HPR narrows in.” Lawrence Mitten explained. Basically, you gain more SR on wins when you are far from your HPR. And, you gain less SR if you are near or on the HPR threshold.

This explains why you might notice that you got a lot of SR in lower divisions but lesser SR when you reached a higher division. In conclusion, all you have to do is perform your best and be a team player in order to keep gaining SR.

That is all you need to know on how to get more SR in Ranked Play for MW2. For more guides like this, check out our other articles like MW2 Ranked Play SR levels explained and how to get Ranked Play skins in MW2 Season 2 Ranked Play.