Modern Warfare (MW) 2 Beta Stuck At Level 15 (Explained)

Unable to progress above level 15? Check out our guide to know everything about being stuck at level 15 in Modern Warfare 2 (MW) 2 Beta.

The recent launch of the open beta of COD Modern Warfare (MW) 2 has left several players excited and hyped about it. Several players in the COD community are grinding on the game to level up and get a higher rank on the leaderboard. But as players progress they are unable to level up past rank 15. It’s annoying if you are looking to earn rewards and several unlockables. This issue has left the entire COD community wondering if it’s a bug or an issue. So, here’s our guide that explains why is the COD Modern Warfare (MW) 2 Beta stuck at level 15.

Why is the COD Modern Warfare (MW) 2 Beta Stuck at Level 15

For the players wondering if it’s a bug or a technical issue, it’s neither of them. The main reason that you are unable to progress above level 15 is that there’s a level cap. While your level progression will pass on to the next weekend, the current level cap is at 15. So, players looking to progress further have to wait for a while to earn more rewards.

Your level progression will also be carried out if you play it on a different platform. Simply, make a note to log in with the same account.

What is the Level Cap for COD MW 2

cod mw 2 stuck level 15

  • As mentioned above, the rank or level cap for the first weekend of COD MW 2 is capped at Rank 15.
  • You need to earn 87,500 XP to reach this level.
  • Meanwhile, the rank or level cap for the second weekend is capped at Rank 30.
  • So, you need to earn 290,000 XP to reach level or Rank 30.
  • You can earn and get several rewards as you level up.

So, here are all of the notable rewards you can earn on reaching a certain level or rank:

First Weekend Rewards

  • Level 2 (3,000 XP): Smashed it (Emblem).
  • Level 4 (10,500 XP): Buckle up (Charm).
  • Rank or Level 6 (25,000 XP): Buckle Up (Charm).
  • Level 10 (45,000 XP): Operation First Blood.
  • Level 15 (87,500 XP): Side Impact (Handgun weapon blueprint).

Second Weekend Rewards

  • Rank 18 (119,000 XP): Collision (Horangi) Operator skin.
  • Level 19 (130,500 XP): No Competition (weapon sticker).
  • Level 21 (155,000 XP): Safety First (weapon sticker).
  • Rank 26 (225,000 XP): Floor It (APC) (vehicle skin).
  • Rank 30 (290,000 XP): Frontal Impact (Assault rifle weapon blueprint).

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