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Striker Odyssey Tier List September 2023 (Best Weapons)

Here are the best weapons ranked in our Striker Odyssey Tier List.

Our Striker Odyssey Tier List of the best weapons will help you score more goals easily. Inspired by the popular anime manga Blue Lock, this Roblox experience is based on football (soccer). It has a leveling system that allows players to attain a maximum level of 50. And as you keep progressing, you will face difficult opponents and have fewer goal-scoring chances. Luckily, you can use specific character-based weapons and even prodigies. Our list below has the best-ranked weapons for every character.

Striker Odyssey Tier List (Best Weapons)

best weapons ranked in striker odyssey

Here is the Striker Odyssey Tier List of the best weapons with S being the best and D being the worst.

Tier Weapons
S Elastic Dribbling (Bachira), Perfect Kick Accuracy (Rin), Villainous Soccer (Barou)
A Trapping (Nagi), Explosive Acceleration (Zantetsu), Stealthy Steps (Otoya),
B Jumping Power (Aryu), Mark Smell (Darai), Immense Speed (Chigri), Drive Shot (Shidou)
C Finesse Shot (Kunigami)
D Direct Shot (Isagi)

Which is the Best Weapon in Striker Odyssey?

According to our tier list, the best weapons in Striker Odyssey are Elastic Dribbling, Perfect Kick, and Villainous Soccer. These three weapons belong to the characters Bachira, Rin, and Barou respectively. Since they are Prodigious in terms of rarity, it will be quite hard to get them from drops. Here are the drop rates for each rarity in Striker Odyssey:

  • Common – 59% Drop Rate
  • Rare – 25% Drop Rate
  • Epic – 12.5% Drop Rate
  • Legendary – 3% Drop Rate
  • Prodiguous – 0.5% Drop Rate

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That’s everything covered on the Striker Odyssey tier list of the best weapons. We hope that you were satisfied with our list. If you want to get free Spins and Prodigy Spins, check out our Striker Odyssey Codes guide. And for the rankings of your favorite players from other Roblox games, head to our Tier List section on Gamer Tweak.