Striker Odyssey Trello Link, Discord Server & Controls Guide

Find out the Trello link for the latest Blue lock inspired soccer game in Roblox. Learn about the Discord server link and controls guide for Striker Odyssey.

Inspired by the popular anime manga Blue Lock is the Roblox game called Striker Odyssey. The Roblox soccer-based game has a leveling system that allows players to attain a maximum level of 50. You will also find several Special Moves and Prodigies. If you want to learn more about this game, then you’re in the right place. Find everything you need to know in our guide which covers Striker Odyssey Trello Link, Discord Server, and Controls.

Striker Odyssey Trello Link and Discord Server

striker odyssey trello link and discord server

Here is the official Striker Odyssey Trello board:

The Striker Odyssey Trello Board has all game-related information regarding Legendary Weapons, Epic Weapons, Rare Weapons, Custom Color Auras, Skills, Gamepasses and more.

Striker Odyssey does have an official Discord server as well. To date, the Discord server has more than 12.5k members. Join the channel today for the latest updates and discussions on the game!

Striker Odyssey Game Controls

  • M – Menu
  • N – Emotes
  • LMB – Shoot/Use Skill
  • RMB – Take The Ball From Other Player
  • Q – Tackle
  • E – Pass
  • R – Header
  • T – Lob Pass
  • F – Heel Pass
  • B – Switch Skill Direction (Optional in settings)
  • H – Pass Ping
  • Z, C, X, V – Dribbling Left, Right, Back, Forward
  • SHIFT – Run
  • ALT – Shiftlock

There are currently 10 weapons in the game and up to seven different Prodigies. You can earn more of them and upgrade your character by playing more matches.

All Striker Odyssey Gamepasses

  • Aura Changer – This game pass lets you customize your own customized Aura.
  • Customization pack – You get an exclusive customization pack that other players don’t have.
  • Training Room – A private server where you can play with your friends and do any customization possible.

That’s all you need to know about the Striker Odyssey Trello Link, Discord Server, and Controls Guide. If this guide managed to help you out, learn how to get free Prodigy spins and other rewards with these Striker Odyssey codes for Roblox.

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